DayZ Error Code 9 – Possible Solution

Bohemia Interactive’s zombie survival game DayZ had a new update today. Unfortunately, players are dealing with more than infected undead with this latest update. Many players are encountering the issue Error Code 9. It seems to be all over the place, even prompting a response from DayZ’s official Twitter.

Error Code 9 – What is it?

Reported first by PSU, DayZ’s error code 9 stems from server connection issues. A quick Google search shows that it’s not a new problem, but one that does seem to resurface whenever it feels like it. It just can’t find servers. The server list is blank.

DayZ’s official Twitter response indicates that at this time, the issue is a result of an “unexpectedly high amount of private servers.” For now, they are working on solving it as best they can on their end.

How do you fix it?

Unfortunately, there’s no guaranteed solution to get around this issue. PSU suggests possible workarounds to the code is restarting your connection and rebooting your console. As they note, it’s not guaranteed to work, and many players continue to run into the issue.

In a follow-up response on Twitter, DayZ added that they have their team working overtime to solve the problem, but it “might not be resolved this week.”

They also note that they cannot switch the servers back on. In the meantime, it seems official servers are available, but full, as many have stated in complaints on Twitter. Players are actively calling for additional servers on Twitter while this issue persists.

Currently, this is only limited to console as PC servers seem to be doing just fine. The issue remains only with private, purchased servers on the console.