How to Balance Cargo in Death Stranding

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Death Stranding has arrived, and now it’s time to put Kojima’s latest masterpiece to the test. You play as Sam, and it’s your job to deliver items to and from numerous locations all over the world. You’ll spend plenty of time walking around and leading this cargo to its proper destination. However, a big thing is keeping the cargo stable when you don’t have a vehicle. Here’s how you keep the cargo balanced during your travels.

How to Balance Cargo in Death Stranding

Balancing cargo is a significant factor when you have Sam carrying over 60kg worth of stuff. You’re going to see him stressing about how he’s going to keep balance while he doesn’t have a vehicle. When he does get one, players do not need to worry about keeping their balance as much. If you want to not worry about keeping your cargo balanced during your journey, you need to keep it under 60kg. Anything above this makes Sam move around more, potentially causing your precious supplies fall over.

When you’re at a terminal accepting the new cargo, you can have Sam balance the goods by pressing the “Triangle” button. This action is going to adjust the supplies immediately before you start the journey, so it’s always a good idea to do this before leaving. It’s a quick little action for Sam to do.

While walking around between destinations, you’ll see Sam swaying from side to side. If you see him going to the right, you need to hold the L2 button to bring him back to the center. If Sam is dipping to the left, you need to hit the R2 button to bring him back from that side. It’s a delicate balance of keeping him in the middle while he has a package.

The best method to ensure you’ll never to have your cargo fall over is by holding the L1 and the R1 buttons at the same time. Keeping these two buttons together will prevent the cargo from falling over, ensuring Sam remains balanced during your journey, and that nothing gets damaged. You will want to hold these two buttons going down hills, taking any sharp turns, and whenever you need to spend a little time making sure you’re taking extra care of those goods.

Those are the big things to worry about while delivering packages in Death Stranding and how to keep your cargo balanced. Good luck on the journey.