Will Death Stranding Come to Xbox?

Death Stranding was initially going to remain a PlayStation 4 exclusive title. However, shortly before the game launched, it got announced that the game was going to make its way over to the PC. Right now, if anyone would like, they can go ahead and pre-order the title for their PC on Steam and the Epic Game Store. It’s not going to come out immediately, though, and it does not have a release date at this time. But can players expect the same treatment for the Xbox?

Will Death Stranding Come to Xbox?

We do know, for sure, Death Stranding is going to make its way to the PC. There’s no debate about it. You can check out links to pre-order the game on Steam and the Epic Game Store. You can throw down some money and make sure you get it when it first releases, especially if you were disappointed not to try out the delivery game because you don’t have a PlayStation 4. We don’t have an exact date of the PC release, though. On Steam’s page, it says summer 2020. But Epic Games Store says the end of the year in 2020. We’ll get a definite date in the future, though.

However, things get a little tricky with the Xbox One.

At the time of this writing, there are no precise details if Death Stranding is going to make its way to the Xbox One. There are no plans or rumors of it happening. The PC release, though, had a bit more lead time. There were rumors about the game coming to PCs roughly six to 12 months after the game’s PlayStation 4 release. We heard about this back in May. You can read what we first heard here.

Right now, there’s no lead time or even hints of this being a possibility for the Xbox. But you shouldn’t immediately rule it out. Because the title is no longer a PlayStation 4 exclusive, there’s a chance. However, eager players should not put their money down and start checking the Xbox store daily, expecting to see a Death Stranding pre-order page. Hideo Kojima, the director of the game, has yet to make any comments about bringing his game over to Microsoft’s console.

It’d be best to wait to hear from a representative of Kojima Productions for concrete details. Those at the company are the only individuals who can confirm or deny if they can bring the game over or not. Given how often console exclusive games seem to not remain exclusives for long, it could take a few years for this happen.

We’ll make sure to keep players in the loop about if there plans for an Xbox One Death Stranding experience. Right now, we can say this is a no-go.

Death Stranding is available for the PlayStation 4 right now. We do not have a definite date for when the game is going to come out for the PC, but we’ll learn details in the future.