Demon Weak Points in Doom Eternal

Gain the upper hand by targeting a demon’s weak point.

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Demons in Doom Eternal are bringing their A-game, and so should you. Many of the tougher tiers of demons are sporting devastating weapons and frustrating attributes, like the Arachnotron’s cannon, that can be destroyed to reduce its effectiveness. These are deemed “weak points,” and you should make an effort to target these areas and cripple the demons for better control over the field. You very well can’t rip and tear if you’re dead.


This spider-like demon has a cannon mounted on its back. The projectiles are fast, hit hard, and can hit you from a distance. If left unchecked, it can devastate whatever’s left of Doom Slayer’s health bar. Destroy it with a well-placed sticky bomb. Beware: Arachnotrons will continue to pursue you with miniature cannons on the sides.


These one-eyed flying abominations have one big mouth. It just so happens it’s their weak point. Launch a frag grenade, ice grenade, or sticky bomb into its mouth and watch it expand in cartoon fashion. In doing so, you’ll stagger the Cacodemon, leaving them wide open for an eye-pulling glory kill.


Aptly named for its pink shaded coloring, Pinky demons are like raging bulls, rushing at you with such force that it can knock the Doom Slayer back quite a bit. If you dodge in enough time, they’ll stop dead in their tracks and slowly turn around. Pinky’s are terrible at turning. It will give you the perfect window of opportunity to hit them in the back, its weak point, with the Combat Shotgun or, better yet, a sticky bomb.


Like the Arachnotrons, Mancubus are equipped with cannons that launch fiery projectiles. However, rather than have one mounted on its blubbery back, they have one on each hand. Aside from their long-ranged attacks, getting close and personal isn’t a good idea due to their cannons being equipped with flamethrowers. Take them out as fast as possible with the stick bombs or the Heavy Cannon’s precision mod. It even reduces the size of the projectiles. Unfortunately, this tactic doesn’t work with the Cyber Mancubus.


The skeletal Revenant is equipped with two shoulder cannons on its jetpack. If you choose to ignore them, the Revenant can lock onto you and fire off several rockets. Its weak points are both shoulder cannons. Take out both to keep from being Doom Slayer gumbo. Once the cannons are destroyed, Revenants have no choice but to confront you with melee attacks.

Doom Hunter

The Doom Hunter is one part tank and one part demon, floating about the field with a shield. Hitting its weak point, its sled is more than just aiming for it. First, you have to take out its shield. Once the shield is broken—use the plasma rifle—take aim at the sled and destroy it. Without the sled, its missiles and shield are disabled.

Maykr Drone

Maykr Drones are small, armored angels that look similar in appearance to Khan Maykr. Their entire body is armored, save for their head, which fires a barrage of energy projectiles. It’s their weak point, and targeting it with a clean headshot will not only kill them but also provide a bounty of ammo. They aren’t threatening if you keep moving, and killing them is just as rewarding as a chainsaw attack. Keep them around if you run out of ammo.

Targeting Weak Points Effectively

In the blur of combat, weak points can be a pain to hit. If only demons stood still for half a second, you could hit them! To effectively destroy weak points, the Combat Shotgun’s sticky bomb mod is going to be your best friend as the blast radius is bound to damage the weak point if not eradicate it. The Heavy Cannon’s precision bolt mod is also a great alternative if you can hit them fast enough. Use ice grenades if you’re having trouble, too.