Who Is Doom Guy Married To? DOOM Explained

It’s not Isabelle.

Doom Guy's Wife Revealed

Image via Bethesda/Nintendo

For one of the most famous video game characters in history, we sure don’t know much about Doom Guy. Who was he before all the demons came about? Did he even have some kind of family? And why do people think Isabelle from Animal Crossing is involved? Whether you’re looking for a funny or serious answer, we’re answering one of the most popular questions concerning Doom Guy’s past: who is his wife? Does he even have one? What do we know about her?

Is Isabelle Doom Guy’s Wife?

While the idea of shipping two completely unrelated and opposite characters is silly enough to be charming, no, Isabelle and Doom Guy are not together. At least not in any official kind of canon. If you remember from a few years ago, Animal Crossing New Horizons and Doom: Eternal was released on the same day. With the combination of their blatant differences, the internet, and too many people being indoors at once, the ship between these two was born.

Whether people take it seriously, wholesomely, or as a joke, either way, it’s not the answer that anyone’s really looking for. For fun, though, it’s a funny thought. The amount of content that’s been made of these two being friends as characters, and visiting each other’s games, is entertaining and wholesome, at least. So while they may not be actually hitched, at least we have a cute dynamic left over.

Who is Doom Guy’s Real Wife?

Image by Bethesda

We’ll have to dig into a few easter eggs from Doom Guy’s history to answer the real question. His wife is labeled in both new and old titles. However, I wouldn’t get your hopes up for details because they’re pretty sparse. Her backstory is untold and unfocused, and she only exists as an easter egg between multiple games. There is no concrete information concerning her life, her name, or who she was before she met and married Doom Guy.

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What was Doom Guy’s Wife Like?

It is known that their marriage lasted up until Doom Guy’s stationing on Mars, and the family continued to live on Earth, holding down the fort with the family pet rabbit, Daisy. During his three-year stationing on Mars at the time, Doom Guy was allowed to leave occasionally to see his family.

Doomguy’s Family Photo?
by u/Qwahzeemoedough in Doom

Doomguy’s wife is an unnamed woman with brown hair and blue eyes, the only evidence of her existence being in a photo found in Doom Eternal. The picture is of the woman, an unnamed boy, and presumably, Doom Guy. However, we don’t see him in the photo specifically because it’s ripped in half. By the power of easter eggs and presumption, though, we can assume this is Doom Guy. Apparently, in the timeline of games, during the First Demonic War (that is to say, during The Ultimate Doom, Doom II, and Doom (( Hell on Earth) Doom Guy’s wife and son were lost.