Denial of Merope Tartaros Vault guide – Immortals Fenyx Rising: The Lost Gods

A whole new perspective.

Immortals Fenyx Rising

Image via Ubisoft

The Denial of Merope is the first Tartaros Vault in the Immortals Fenyx RIsing: The Lost Gods DLC. It switches things up a bit thanks to the new point of view, leading to some interesting new puzzles that players will need to think about as they make their way through the dungeon.

The first thing players will need to do is get used to their newly acquired dash ability, as they will be using it a lot. The first thing players will need to do is hit the switch at the first group of boxes, the use their dash to smash the stone. This should break it into some smaller stones.

Now, use the dash to smash the wooden boxes under each bronze block, causing them to drop down one level. Go back to the broken stone and use it to climb up onto the platform, then jump across the gaps between the bronze boxes. When you arrive at the platform on the other side, jump to the right and hit the lever there.

This will cause a pistol to start up, pushing a bronze box close to you. Jump to it, then make sure the piston it out of the way and jump to the other side. Smash the two wooden boxes there and then hit the switch at the far end of the platform.

This will form a new rock cube, so you can smash it and climb up to the next platform, then to the right to hit the respawn point. At this point, look around and you will see a chest that you can get to. It will be to your left as you jump up onto these new platforms. Grab that before going any further.

When you have the chest, return to the respawn point and then jump out onto the bronze block, then across to the stone platform, and then to the other bronze block. Wait for the piston to appear again, then jump to it and finally up onto the platform above it.

This will bring you to a new respawn point, and another level that you can pull. Doing so will cause another piston to knock over two large bronze blocks.

You can drop straight down and jump across both bronze blocks, then wait for the piston to retract and jump across to the raised stone area. Move around to the left and then dash across the gap to break the box, and finally make the jump to the next stone platform.

Here, you will find a new switch you can hit that will cause a series of boxes to spawn in. Some are bonze, some are wood, some are stone. You will need to break exactly the right one to create a climbable structure to get to the next part of the level.

The single stone block needs to be broken into smaller pieces, then the wooden stone black beside it needs to be broken to drop down the block resting on top of it.

Jump on the small block, then the large block, then use the dash to smash the stone block on top of the bronze block. Use the small piece to climb the rest of the way up the structure. Attack the corrupted mural with your axe to finish up this vault.