Destiny 2 – How to Unlock The Core Terminus Lost Memory Fragment

Destiny 2‘s Warmind DLC is filled with Lost Memory Fragments. Collecting all of them will net you some neat Exotics, like the Worldline Zero sword, and a new Exotic Sparrow. One of the Fragments is hidden away in the Core Terminus Lost Sector. This guide will show you how to get access to the Core Terminus Lost Memory Fragment.

Core Terminus Lost Memory Fragment

First up, make your way to the Core Terminus Lost Sector on Mars. This is quite near Ana Bray, and is show on the map below. Take the long winding stairs down, and you are heading in the right direction.

Destiny 2 - How to Unlock The Core Terminus Lost Memory Fragment Destiny 2 - How to Unlock The Core Terminus Lost Memory Fragment

As you make your way through the Lost Sector, keep an eye open for terminals on the right hand side. They will always be located beside some double glass doors. The first Lost Memory Fragment is located in the room beside the first terminal. Just interact with the door, it will partially open, and you can use a Solar weapon to destroy the first Lost Memory Fragment. For the second Lost Memory Fragment, you need to interact with both Terminals to open a door in the back room of the Lost Sector. Activate the Terminals as you go past, and you will be good to go. Now, it seems that this area is timed, and after some experimenting the timer seems to start once you enter the Lost Sector. It is best to just run through the area, sticking to the right so you can easily get both terminals, and then rush to the final room. In the back right, the two glass doors will be partially open, allowing you to shoot the Lost Memory Fragment within.

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You will not have time to be able to clear the area before activating the terminals, so the best option is to simply dash through the area, grab both terminals, then sprint to the last room and shoot the Fragment. You will need an Arc weapon to destroy this particular fragment, so make sure you have an Arc dealing weapon equipped.

Lost Memory Fragment
Lost Memory FragmentTL;DR Games • Fair Use

That’s it! It is mostly about being quick, and being prepared. It is not a bad idea to take a run through the Sector to locate both terminals before giving it a real shot. All you need to do is reload into Mars, then you will be able to retry the Sector. Now, you should have access to the Core Terminus Lost Memory Fragment, should you need help with any other aspect of Destiny 2, be sure to check out our Guide Hub.