Darcy Rose Byrnes, a young caucasian woman with long blonde hair, stands looking directly into camera while surrounded by some of the well-known characters she has voiced, including Poison Ivy.

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League Interview With Voice Actress Darcy Rose Byrnes

Gamepur sat down with Darcy Rose Byrnes to talk all things Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League and find out what's next for Poison Ivy.

Pokemon Day 2024 Predictions Bingo

Fans Make Pokemon Day Bingo Cards To Share Their Outrageous Predictions

With Pokemon Day 2024 only days away, fans are preparing bingo cards to share their hopes and dreams for Pokemon Presents announcements.

wives and girlfiends of helldivers 2 featured image

What Are The Wives and Girlfriends of Helldivers 2

As players flood the Helldivers 2 servers, their wives and girlfirends have also banded together to support ths spread of democracy.

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All Tomb Raider Remastered Outfits

Ranking All Tomb Raider Remastered’s Outfits To Celebrate Lara Croft’s Birthday

Instead of celebrating Lara Croft as a legend, can I interest you in a blissful fashion odyssey for Tomb Raider Remastered?

Alan Wake delights fans with Dead by Daylight Crossover

Behaviour Interactive and Remedy Discuss Cosmic Horror, Survival Horror Games, and Uprooting Player Expectations

Behaviour Interactive and Remedy Entertainment discuss the Alan Wake crossover to Dead by Daylight, and their delight of everything horror.

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Solium Infernum Review – “To Rule Is Worth Ambition”

Tough choices and layered mechanics make for a excellent strategy experience in League of Geeks sophomore effort.

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Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth Review – A Hungry Battle For A Fantastic Narrative

Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth compels players forward with its stunning retelling of a classic story and addictive exploration.

Persona 3 Reload

Persona 3 Reload Review – A Beautiful Mix Of Old & New

Persona 3 Reload brings the best of the original game and combines it with that modern finish that makes this remake really shine.

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