Detroit Become Human Walkthrough: Broken & The Interrogation

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After escaping in Chapter Stormy Knight, there is no further update where Kara and Alice went. In this chapter Broken, you will be playing as Markus. There are two endings in this part, and the next chapter covered in this walkthrough is The Interrogation where Connor will be interrogating the Deviant who killed a human. There are four endings in this chapter.

Detroit Become Human Chapter 8 & 9 Walkthrough

Broken Walkthrough

There are two endings in this chapter. The endings will appear on the basis of choices you pick. The choice with twist appears after Markus becomes a Deviant.

After Party

Markus returns with the painter back to his house. He will ask you to make a drink, take him to the living room and serve scotch. Carl will spot the studio light is on and he will find it suspicious. He will tell Marks to call the police. Make the call.

Check the Studio

Detroit Become Human Walkthrough

You can pick either to check studio with or without a call, both don’t have much difference. Go to the studio and you will find Leo. He will try to steal the painting, Carl will tell Markus to make Leo leave. You will get four options Reason, Order, Advise and Warn. Pick Advice. Leo will start pushing Markus and Carl will order him not to defend himself.

Markus Becomes Deviant

After a few pushing, you will see the screen to break programming. Press the keys to complete this objective.

Ending 1 – Police Mistook Markus for the Aggressor

  • If you pick to Push Leo, he will eventually die. Police will arrive and take Markus as an Aggressor. If you pick this ending you will have four options Explain, Beg, Conjure and Say Nothing.

Ending 2 – Leo Accused Markus

  • If you choose to Endure, to obey Carl, then Carl will die with a Heart Attack. Police will arrive and Leo will accuse Markus.

The chapter ends with a gunshot. Next, you will see Lt. Anderson interrogating the Deviant who killed a human, caught by Connor in chapter Partner.

The Interrogation Walkthrough

The chapter begins with an interrogation cutscene, Connor will insist to investigate further by talking to the Deviant. Before you begin interacting with the file on the table that has the photo of a killed human.

Extract Confession

Sit down and you will see and Analyze the Android. You will need to locate 5 clues. Below is the list.

  • Processing Led
  • Left-Hand Wound
  • Right-Hand Burn marks
  • Above triangle on the right shoulder
  • Dried Blood Mark on the chest

After analyzing these clues you will have to reach optimal stress for confession. This will increase or fall on the basis of choices you pick for interrogation. The current stress level will be 35%. You have to reach somewhere between 50 to 70%.

Level of Stress:

There will be four options on the screen, each of this will contribute to the Stress.

  • Fear: No Affect
  • Show Photos: +4%
  • Wounds: +4%
  • Name: -4%

After picking any two of above, you will get the following next set of choices:

  • Comfort: -4%
  • Reassure: -4%
  • Threaten: +4%
  • Blame: +4%

Next comes the Approach which will lead to a different set of endings. The four important choices are:

  • Sympathize: -4%
  • Threaten: +4%
  • Trust: -4%
  • Probe Memory: +8%

By Sympathize and then Trust, the Android will ask you a question about his destruction. You have to two choice Lie and Truth. Lie will reduce stress to -4% and Truth will raise it by +4%. He will ask Connor why he did not let him go. Once again there is a Lie and Truth choice with the same amount of stress. changes. Tell him the Truth.

Detroit Become Human Walkthrough

Ending 1 – Android Smashed his Head

After the Choose Approach Screen follows the below options to reach the ending.

  • Probe Its Memory – This will extract the full confession.

Leave the room and the android will self-destruct itself by smashing his head on the table. Don’t intervene, just pick Give Up.

Ending 2 – Android Shot Connor and Itself

After Choose Approach screen, pick the below option to reach the ending.

  • Pressure It > Pressure > Pressure > Pressure > Pressure

After picking the choices continuously the Deviant will start his confession. Four choices will appear to move the conversation ahead. They are Writing, Statuette, rA9, and Attic. Pick the below choices one by one for a full confession.

  • Writing
  • Statuette
  • rA9
  • Offering
  • Insist RA9 – He won’t say anything
  • Trigger
  • Attic

This will extract the confession from the Deviant. Get up and exit the room. The deviant will start smashing his head on the table, if you Intervene, it will take out the officer’s gun and shoot Connor and himself.

Ending 3 – Android Shot Itself

After the Choose Approach screen picks the below options to reach the ending.

  • Convince It > Order > Indifferent > Warn

The above options will increase the stress level and the Deviant will begin his confession. Similar to the above ending take all the options below to extract the conversation.

  • Writing
  • Statuette
  • rA9
  • Offering
  • Insist RA9 – He won’t say anything
  • Trigger
  • Attic

Exit the room and don’t pick any choice when the officer tries to take the Deviant to his cell. He will draw his gun and shoot himself.

Ending 4 – Android Was Sent Back To Cell – Confession Failed

Once the Choose Approach part appears, you will not be following a certain set of choices that will lead to ending. This one is the last ending where no one is harmed and the Deviant goes back to his cell. You have to follow the choices are listed below after Choose Approach.

  • Pressure It > Pressure > Pressure > Pressure > Give Up – Stress Level 30%.

Leave the interrogation room and the officers will enter. You fail to get a confession. Select Intervene three times to stop the officer. This will lead to an ending where the Android was sent back to the cell.

This completes the chapter Interrogation, you can read our walkthrough on next Chapter Fugitives, or for more similar guides, tips and update on the game you can also check our Detroit: Become Human Wiki Guide.