Detroit Become Human Walkthrough: Fugitives (Kara’s Gameplay)

n the last walkthrough, there were two chapters Broken and The Interrogation. Markus turns Deviant and was shot by the police in Broken. In The Interrogation Connor was trying to pull out a full confession from the android who killed a human. The story continuous with Kara. Once they escape Todd in chapter Stormy Night they are now on their own.

Detroit Become Human Fugitive Walkthrough

Fugitives Walkthrough

Kara and Alice gets down from the bus. Kara has to find shelter for the night, this chapter is all about finding a safe place.

Leave Bus

Detroit Become Human Fugitive Walkthrough

You have to get up and exit the bus, you will have two choices Stay Here or Shelter. In all cases you will have to out. Kara finds Alice shivering and the objective to find a shelter begins.

Ending 1 (The Motel)

Find Shelter for the Night –

Scan the area and you will see a Motel on left, a bus stop on the right corner and laundry. There is no use of going to the motel as it does not allow Android and it requires $40 advance. So you will have to steal clothes from the Laundry, change cloth and head to a shop, distract the owner and rob money from the counter.

Laundromatic – Getting clothes

Go to Laundromatic and check the area, look in the machine with message Program Complete. Take the clothes. Alice will stop you if you choose Don’t Steal Alice will walk away. You can quietly take the clothes, but if you Steal you have to convince Alice. Take other clothes from the sleeping man and talk to Alice.

Inside Squat:

Detroit Become Human Fugitive Walkthrough

Outside at the left corner as you cross the Drug Store on your right you will see a garbage truck. Alice will sit go and talk to her. Another Android WR600 will appear. He will share some info with Kara. This part ends here.

Convenient Store:

Got to the store and talk to the desk guy. Here you will have to steal from the register. First, walk towards the set of the yellow can. You can shoplift a few food and toy for Alice. You will have to use Alice to distract the guy on the desk to get cash. Stand near the desk when Alex kick the cans. Take the money and go. Alice won’t be happy with the stealing, you have four choices Factual, Justify, Uncertain and Apologize. Pick one to move ahead.

Eastern Motel:

Detroit Become Human Fugitive Walkthrough

Go to the motel, pay the price and sign. On asking about driver’s license choose Forgot. Take the card and head to Room 28. There will be few basic things you will do here to make Alice comfortable. Talk to Alice. After taking the coat, once again talk to her. Carry her wet clothes to the bathroom. Talk to her once again and Promise her. After she sleeps you have two options for turning off the light, Get in Bed or Walk Away. In both cases you will be in the motel, if you pick Walk Away you will be watching her from the chair and if you go with the second option you will also sleep.

Ending 2 (Abandoned Car)

A bit ahead of the stop where you found the Android with a garbage truck, you will see a private property board. Look for a door, push it and it will open up. Just outside there is an abandoned car. On the right above the generator, you will find a wire cutter. Take it and go near the car, you have to break the window to open it. On the left, you can cut the wire to go to the other side.

Squat In-House:

If you pick to cross to the other side by cutting the wire from the parking lot, keep walking ahead and then look for Alice. You will find another Android trying to kill Alice just walk straight ahead and look right, the same place where you came in. To stop Ralph select Android from the first four choices. Then choose Reassure. He will let Kara and Alice in the house. Follow him in the house, next task is to start a fire and make a bed for Alice. Scan the house and on the left corner, you will get matches. On the ground on your right, you will get some papers. For the wood look on the opposite side of stairs on the floor. Look below the stairs for Bed. Ralph is another room, he is just scribbling rA9 on the walls. Start the fire, and take Alice to bed. Talk to Alice and stay with her.

Abandoned Car:

For sleeping in the car you have to avoid going on the left side, or you can leave when you fail to convince Ralph for shelter. Once you unlock it and pick Stay Here. Close the door and warm Alice. Talk to her and done.

The chapter ends here, in all three endings Alice and Kara are together and they find something to spend the night. You can read our next walkthrough that has two chapters From the Dead & Waiting For Hank. In From the Dead you play as Markus and in the next as Connor. For similar guides, tips, and update on the game you can also check our Detroit: Become Human Wiki Guide.