Detroit Become Human Walkthrough: Partners & Multiple Ending

After playing as Markus in the last chapter The Painter, in this part Partners, you will continue with Connor to investigate a crime scene. A human is murdered by an android, you will follow Lt. Anderson towards the crime area. First, you will find to review 10 evidence to reconstruct the crime scene and find out the cause of the murder. Next, you will find to find the responsible Deviant.

Detroit Become Humans Partners Walkthrough

Partners Walkthrough

The chapter begins as Connor enters into a bar to find Lt.Anderson, you will have to scan a few faces here to locate him.

Find Lt. Anderson

Scan the bar, to locate Lt. Anderson, he is sitting at the table talk to him. You will get four choices, Reason, Threaten, Understanding and Persist. To gain his trust pick Reason. From the next three choices, Spill His Drink, Buy Him Another Drink and Wait Outside, buy him a drink to gain his trust. Once done you will be now investigating a crime scene that will lead you two ends, one good and one bad depending on the choices you take. Below are both.

Good Ending: Finding the Deviant by Solving the Crime Scene.

Once the car arrives Lt. Anderson will tell you to wait in the car, there will be three options Patient, Firm and Diplomatic. You will have to follow him to the crime scene, if you pick Firm you can go against his will to stay in the car. Go inside the house, and Listen to Briefing first by standing near the officer. Next, you can go ahead to the section on the left to Review Evidence.

Listen To Briefing:

Detroit Become Human Partners Walkthrough

Investigate the Body to scan four clues. Two clues are on the face, one is the wound and the last one on the left hand. Reconstruct the event.

Review Evidence:

This is the left section. There are 10 different pieces of evidence. Below is the list. After reviewing all of them you will have to construct the event.

  • Marker 2 – Kitchen Knife – It is on the floor in the living room.
  • Marker 3 – Red Ice, look on the left of TV.
  • Marker 6 Backyard Footprints: There is a door on the left corner of the kitchen, open that and analyze the ground for the footprint.
  • Marker 7 – Examine the fallen chair in the center of the kitchen.
  • Marker 8 – Murder weapon location, in the kitchen look on the left side of the window below the wooden drawers.
  • Marker 9 – Baseball Bat, look on the floor near the fridge for evidence 9. It has two clues on it, scan the top for dent and then the bottom part for the fingerprint. Reconstruct the event that will show the Deviant was assaulted by the bat.
  • Remaining Evidence – Eden Club Flyer, it is located at the backside of the room on the table next to a desk lamp. You will have to analyze the Blood on the Walls, as you walk from the hallway, look at the doorway between the living room and the hall. Look around the broken wall that is between the hall and the kitchen. Finally, check the shower, go to the bathroom located at the end of the hall, open the curtain and you will see rA9 on the walls. Next, examine the statue and analyze it. Investigate the I AM ALIVE written above the dead body.

Once you are done with the investigation talk to the Lt. Anderson. There will be three choices, below is the list and the bold one is the correct answer.

Report to Lt. Anderson

  • In The Kitchen – Correct Choice
  • In The Bathroom
  • In the Living

Once Connor and Hank enter the Kitchen, Connor will say “I think the victim attacked the android..”

  • With the Bat – Correct Choice
  • With the Knife
  • Without a Weapon

Next Choices: Explanation

  • The Android Stabbed the Victim – Correct Choice
  • The Android Threw The Chair
  • The Victim Stabbed the Android

Next Choices: The victim fled to..

  • The Living Room – Correct Choice
  • The Bathroom
  • The Garden

Next Choices: The android murdered the victim..

  • With the Knife – Correct Choice
  • Without A Weapon
  • With the Bat

Bad Ending: Crime Scene Unsolved

If you took more than 5 minutes to review evidence, then there will be a new event where Hank wants to go, he will say “he’s out of here”. You can Ask for more time if Hank Refuses the investigation is over. But If Hank Accepts you get 5 more minutes and if you are unable to finish the objectives you will be Out of Time and the crime is unsolved.

Find Deviant:

Detroit Become Human Partners Walkthrough

From the living room go towards the kitchen area, there is a hallway in between. There are two points you have to look which will lead you to the Attic. To climb go the kitchen and take the chair, return to the attic and climb.

Search Attic: Move ahead, and draw the cover. Follow the blue blood traces and you will locate the Deviant.

Once you found the Deviant this chapter is over, in the next chapter Stormy Night you will be playing as Kara. For more guides and tips on the game you can also read our Detroit: Become Human Wiki Guide.