Detroit Become Human Walkthrough: Stormy Nights & All Endings (Kara)

Detroit: Become Human

In previous chapter Partners, after investigating a crime scene and finding the Deviant, the story of Kara continuous back from where we left it last time at Alice’s home. In this chapter, Stormy Night you will play as Kara. The main objective is to save Alice, Todd’s daughter. Todd is trying to kill her, depending on different choices the ending changes. Below you can see the list of all endings triggered by respective choices.

Detroit Become Human Walkthrough

Stormy Night Walkthrough

After the cutscene where Kara is done serving food to Alice and Todd things takes band turn. Todd being a druggist is out of control and want to kill Alice. Kara has different choices where she can pick to save Alice or let her die.

Serve Food:

Pick up the plates from the kitchen and serve them to Todd and Alice. Next turn on the light and then Service Alice and Todd. Later wait for new instructions. As you try to move after the cutscene, Todd will stop you. You will see a Don’t Move message on the screen. Press L1 as you see it on the screen and then R1. Keep pressing till the virtual wall breaks, you get two objectives next Protect Alice and Reason with Todd. Now from here, there are multiple endings with drastic results in the end. Below you can which choices can lead to the different end. Only one ending is good where Kara and Alice are able to escape, and others ones are pretty painful. Below you can see all endings with 100% completion flowchart.

Ending 1 – Todd Kills Alice – Bad Ending

Detroit Become Human Stormy Night Walkthrough

  • If you choose to do nothing when you see two objectives Protect Alice and Reason with Todd, then Todd will go upstairs and he will kill Alice. Just stand at the same position. In the next cut scene, you will see Todd keeps Alice on the bed and the next thing he will do is blame Kara and break her. The lady on the game screen will get upset.

Ending 2 – Take the Gun, Do Nothing – Bad Ending

  • After breaking the programming, go upstairs into the first room on left. You will find a gun in the drawer. Take the gun. If you do nothing, eventually the ending will be same as above.

Ending 3 – Todd Attacks Kara Downstairs – Bad Ending

  • After turning into Deviant, stand near the stairs in way of Todd. He will attack and go to Alice room and kill the girl.

Ending 4 – Kara Shoots Todd – Bad Ending

Detroit Become Human Stormy Night Walkthrough

  • Talk to Todd, no matter what you pick he will attack Kara. He will take out his belt and head to Alice’s room. Get up and go to Todd’s room. Take the gun and go to Alice’s room. Todd will attack Kara, resist his attacks. Just press the keys that appears on the screen. Kara will be mostly dodging Todd’s attack, you will have to Defend Alice and in the end, she will get the gun in the end and shoot Todd.

Ending 5 – Alice Shoots Todd – Bad Ending

  • In the same scenario when you take the gun and heads to Alice room, don’t resist Todd’s attack. Don’t press the keys and Todd will beat the shit out of you. You will have a chance to take the gun, but Todd will throw it away. Alice will take the gun and shoot Todd. Run with Alice.

Ending 6 – Kara Blocks Todd Path – Upstairs

Detroit Become Human Stormy Night Walkthrough

  • Go upstairs and stand in front of Todd. He will push Kara and move ahead, go to Alice room and stop him once again. Defend Alice, Todd will attack Kara, press the keys flashing on the screen. After a while, when Todd to pick his belt to attack him and he will bang his head on a shelf and fell down. This will stun Todd. Runaway with Kara. There are two things that can happen, first if Todd catches you while running away and you stop he will kill Alice. And if you run away, go downstairs open the main door which has around three locks. Open it and run towards the bus. If you leave the bus, Todd will break Kara outside and kill Alice.

Ending 7 – Speak To Todd – Upstairs

  • After turning into Deviant, go to Alice room and she will tell you to run. Choose Speak to Todd. Todd will throw you down. He will go to Alice room and kill her.

Ending 8 – Run with Alice (Don’t Hide)- Upstairs

  • At Alice’s room, if you pick this option, Todd will be in your path if you don’t hide in another room. he will hit Kara and take Alice to her room to kill her.

Ending 9 – Run with Alice (Hide) – Upstairs

  • At Alice’s room if you pick this option, go out and hide in a room on your right. Todd will pass away, take Alice down.

Ending 10 – Go Upstairs and Do Nothing

  • If you did not choose to Lock Room or Run with Alice or Speak to Todd, Todd will ask you to get out. If you Refuse he will attack you.

Ending 11 – Lock Room

  • If you pick this option upstairs, you will have to choices Find a way to escape or Pick Something to Defend. The only way to get away safely is through the window. So open the window, take Alice out. Once again there will be two choices Face Todd or Join Alice. Pick Join Alice to escape. You have to carry Alice and slide down if you don’t Todd will catch you.

Ending 12 – Kara Takes Time To Open Main Door

  • Todd will attack Kara and later throw a chair to break her.

Ending 13 – Kara Runs Towards The Living Room

  • If you leave the main door and run towards the living room, you will have to resist Todd’s attack. He will keep throwing things on you just dodge them. Press the X key whenever it appears on the screen to Defend Alice. Kara will take the door to backyard, jump over the yard fence and take the bus.

Ending 14 – Kara Fails To Escape From Backyard

  • Once you are in the backyard Alice falls, and Kara fails to escape. Todd kills both.

Ending 15 – Todd Breaks Kara In The Kitchen

  • If Alice hates you, there is one more ending you can trigger. When you take her and run towards the Living room, Todd will attack Kara. Don’t resist the attacks, he will push Kara and Alice in the kitchen and he will try to snatch Alice. Avoid saving her, and he will push both away. He will take Alice upstairs and kill her.

There are many ways to approach an escape, all you have to try to do is defend Alice at all cost and escape in the end by catching the bus. There are different outcomes of different choices. Through above endings, you can pick a straight-forward path and escape. Once Kara and Alice escape in this part the chapter ends. You can read our walkthrough the next two Chapters Broken & The Interrogation or for more guides and tips on the game you can also read our Detroit: Become Human Wiki Guide.