The Division 2 – How To Get The Kendra’s Liberty Exotic Pistol

The Kendra’s Liberty Exotic Pistol in The Division 2 is a pretty good weapon for taking out some of the advanced enemies that show up when the Black Tusk arrive. Enemy electronics will take double damage from this gun, and weak points on them will be highlighted while aiming down sights. Destroyed weak spots will then give you a 500% damage buff on your next shot. Finally, killing an enemy will automatically refill the magazine, and also give a 100% damage buff until the magazine is empty. That is a pretty good deal!

How To Get The Kendra’s Liberty Exotic Pistol

You need to build the Kendra’s Liberty Exotic Pistol from various components that you can get while playing the game. You come across the first component during the Stronghold on Capitol Hill. When you take down Captain Kendra Nelson, you’ll receive the Pistol: Trigger & Mechanism crafting material.

To get the other parts of the weapon, you will need to take out the following targets on Hard difficulty, or above.

  • Captain Briggs at the American History Museum will drop the Pistol: Receiver & Paintjob component.
  • Staff Sergeant Carl Wade at the Viewpoint Museum will drop the Pistol: Sight & Rail component.
  • Master Sergeant Steve “Junior” Quiroz at the Space Administration HQ will drop the Pistol Grip & Tags component.

You will also need one more part to make the Kendra’s Liberty Exotic Pistol, and that is a pistol to use with the components. You will need the D50 Level 1 high-end pistol, so if you come across this random drop while playing, make sure you don’t sell it or break it down for parts!

Once you have all the parts, just head to the Crafting Bench, where you will be able to build the Kendra’s Liberty Exotic Pistol. It really is a solid pistol and is well worth farming for in my opinion. Best of luck, Agent!