The Division 2: How To Unlock Weekly Invasions

The first, massive wave of content has arrived for The Division 2. All of it revolves around Tidal Basin, a brand new stronghold, along with raising the World Tier rankings to 5, additional gear, and stronger Black Tusks to fight. Alongside these great things, there’s a new series of events called Weekly Invasions. These invasions involve Black Tusk soldiers taking control of strongholds and main missions, making them significantly harder. However, players are going to receive some of the best loot in the game by partaking in these invasions and winning. Here’s how you unlock the Weekly Invasions.

The Division 2 Weekly Invasions

Getting Ready

Before you can jump your way over to the Weekly Invasions, you need to run through the game first. Such as you, need to get your Division agent through the main story, to level 30, progress through the game’s World Tiers 1 to 4, and ensure you at least have a skill power of 425.

After you accomplish all of this, you should have access to the Tidal Basin content. You’ll know you’ve hit when you receive a radio call, asking you to complete a new side quest. After you take on the side quest, the Tidal Basin Stronghold should unlock for you.

Tidal Basin Content

The Tidal Basin Stronghold is the most heavily defended and dangerous stronghold Division Agents have had to face. You won’t be able to take it on alone, so make sure you party up with some reliable friends who you can trust to watch your back. Having trouble setting up a group? Check out the matchmaking options in game to see who wants to conquer this immense challenge with you.

After you’ve completed the Tidal Basin Stronghold, you’re going to receive a call from Manny Ortega, who’s going to inform you how far the Black Tusks have attempted to expand their territory. You’re going to find out the Black Tusk have invaded other Strongholds throughout Washington D.C, along with previous story missions. You can repeat all of these newly invaded missions on varying difficulties. The harder the challenge, the higher chances you have of looting some of the new gear sets, which we’ve listed out for you in another article.

The Weekly Invasions reset every week, and when they do, you can repeat the missions for additional rewards. You’ll want to play as many as possible as you prepare for the next big challenge: the first raid. The Division 2′s first raid begins on April 25, called Operation Dark Hours, where a group of eight Division Agents faces off against the Black Tusk’s best of the best.