Do people actually play Raid: Shadow Legends? Answered

Is it really a big deal?

Image via Plarium Games

If you watch any amount of gaming YouTubers, you have likely seen and heard advertisements for Raid: Shadow Legends. While the game is well known for being the most advertised in this space, hardly anyone ever talks about it outside of those ads. It is never mentioned anywhere as commonly as some other titles that you regularly see on the market. With all of that in mind, does anyone actually ever play Raid: Shadow Legends?

While there is no way for us to tell how many monthly users Raid: Shadow Legends has, we can see that the game has been downloaded over ten million times on the Google Play Store. There are over one million ratings for the game on that store page averaging 4.5 stars. While that’s a pretty good score, they could be artificially inflated like the high praise from the YouTubers paid to talk about the game in sponsored content.

On the Apple Store, the game is rated at 4.7 stars and has a distinctly lesser amount of reviews at 376,000, and is rated the 43rd in RPGs on the store. Not nearly as much of a runaway success as the game would have you believe it is.

The Raid: Shadow Legends subreddit has over 70,000 members in it. We would expect that to be closer to the actual number of actual players rather than someone who downloads the game out of pure curiosity and instantly deletes it when they lose interest.