Do you become a Megalodon in Maneater?

The great beast was a giant in the size.


Maneater gives you the chance to live through a story-driven tale of a bull shark who steadily grows throughout the game, starting as a pup, and going through the lifecycle to the elder. During the story, the human characters hunt after you continually bring up the term “mega shark,” and the son of Salty Pete remarks on how there had been one called the Megalodon.

Is it a hint that your shark can reach the achievement of Megalodon proportions? While you do become a “mega” shark by the end of the game, you do not reach the correct size to be considered a Megalodon.

The Megalodon were said to be the size of 10.5 meters, and some could reach the length of nearly 18 meters, 34 and 59 feet, respectively. To put that into comparison, the largest recorded great white shark is nicknamed Deep Blue, weighs over 2.5 tons, and is 6.1 meters long, 20 feet. While Deep Blue is a significantly large animal, it is a third the size of what a Megalodon believed it could reach to be millions of years before they became extinct.

In Maneater, you do reach the ‘mega’ status, but you only reach 9 meters, which is nearly 30 feet long. For sharks, that is massive, and by the end of the game, you earn the title of being considered a mega shark. It does make you closer to the smaller sizes of Megalodon, though many were believed to be significantly larger.

The bull shark in Maneater is a beast among humans, and when you start rampaging through the waters, nothing stands in your way. But you do not become a Megalodon.