Does Fire Emblem: Three Houses Have New Game Plus?

Because Fire Emblem: Three Houses has three different Houses, and effectively three varied campaigns, people want to know if their game has a New Game Plus option. Well, it does. But this is only half the story. How New Game Plus works is essential. Now that you know the game has that option read on to find out how it works.

How New Game Plus Works In Fire Emblem Heroes

After you make your first full run through the campaign, you’re going to be asked to create a Cleared-Game Data file. This option is sometimes referred to as an end-game save. This file is what the game uses to inform your New Game Plus campaign. While you can make different choices, and choose to teach a different House, it’s this file that brings your Renown points forward into your New Game Plus campaign.

You earn renown points through battles and quests. You then spend them at the Cathedral to get various stat bonuses. It is not possible to get all the multiple benefits in one playthrough, which is why you want to bring them forward into your new game with you.

The following list details you bring forward into your New Game Plus campaign, and the changes you notice in your new playthrough:

  • Renown points, hired battalions, shop level, saint-statue level.
  • You can use your journal to spend renown to unlock professor levels, support levels, skill levels, combat arts, and abilities gained from mastering class skills that you had unlocked in your cleared game-save. You choose these options through a new journal that appears in your quarters.
  • Use the unit appearance option in your journal to choose your units’ look from options such as their monastery uniforms or war attire. Profile portraits and voices do not change.
  • Additionally, you may receive items containing crest powers based on the choices you made in your cleared-game save. Use your journal to spend renown to unlock any crest items you do not already possess.
  • You can change the game difficulty, Byleth’s gender, and switch the classic/casual mode.

And that’s everything you need to know about New Game Plus in Fire Emblem: Three Houses.