Does No Man’s Sky have multiplayer on Nintendo Switch? Answered

Can you play with your buddies on Nintendo Switch?

Image via Hello Games

No Man’s Sky is out now on the Nintendo Switch for those who wanted to play this amazing sci-fi exploration game in a more relaxed manner. Unlike its original launch in 2016, which was plagued with performance issues, bugs, and a lack of features and content, the current version is filled to the brim with amazing updates. Most notably the recent Waypoint Update brings in massive changes to the inventory system. As such, now is a great time for players to dive in solo or with friends. With this in mind, Nintendo Switch users might be wondering whether they can explore the universe of No Man’s Sky together with friends like on other consoles.

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Does No Man’s Sky have multiplayer on the Nintendo Switch?

Unfortunately, No Man’s Sky won’t be launching with the multiplayer feature on the Nintendo Switch. That means that Nintendo Switch users who buy the game won’t be able to play with their friends and other players on the platform. As such, they will have to explore the vast universe of No Man’s Sky alone.

It is important to mention that when No Man’s Sky was originally released in 2016, it didn’t have multiplayer. The feature was only added in July 2018, two years after its launch. So, we might see the multiplayer feature in No Man’s Sky somewhere down the line. Hello Games has confirmed that it will keep the Switch version updated like the other console versions but hasn’t confirmed whether multiplayer would be included later. As No Man’s Sky is a procedurally generated game, and the Switch is a smaller and less powerful console than its contemporaries, it is a great achievement in itself to bring the game to the console at all. So, currently, it is all dependent on Sean Murray and the team at Hello Games on whether they would like to include multiplayer in No Man’s Sky.

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