Does No Man’s Sky have a physical edition on Nintendo Switch?

Something this special needs to be held.


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No Man’s Sky is slowly conquering every platform it’s possible to play games on. Even devices that it was previously thought couldn’t cope with rendering a title of such colossal proportions like the Nintendo Switch have a port. This guide explains if No Man’s Sky has a physical edition for Nintendo Switch, so you can make room in your collection.

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Is there a physical edition of the Nintendo Switch version of No Man’s Sky?

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It’s been confirmed that there will be a physical edition of No Man’s Sky for both Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5. At the time of writing, it’s not clear if these physical editions will be released on October 7, the same day as the game comes to Nintendo Switch, or after. It’s likely that it will be the same day though, since many fans will buy the physical edition over the digital version.

Is there a collector’s edition of No Man’s Sky on Nintendo Switch?

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At the time of writing, no collector’s edition or anything other than the standard physical release most Nintendo Switch games get has been confirmed. When No Man’s Sky was initially released, it had two collector’s editions, but shipping issues caused one of them to be greatly delayed. If a premium version of the game for Nintendo Switch is coming, it will probably be announced closer to the port’s release date.

Is No Man’s Sky on Nintendo Switch a native port or cloud version?

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It’s tough to say whether or not No Man’s Sky will be a native version for Nintendo Switch or a cloud version. At the time of writing, none of the marketing material has pointed to a cloud version but considering most Nintendo Switch owners don’t like the idea of cloud versions, that’s not surprising. A quick check on the Nintendo eShop shows that all cloud versions are labeled as such. So the fact that no one has added the words “clold version” to the end of No Man’s Sky Nintendo Switch Edition leads us to believe that it’s a native port.