Does Redd sell fake art in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

I spy with my little eye, an error.

The art gallery wing for your museum is now available in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. It initially released alongside the Nature Day event. To gain access to the art gallery, you need to speak to Blathers, who is looking for you to add new pieces of art to your collection. 

After waiting a day, a new character comes to your island named Redd. They’re more than willing to sell you art, and you can offer it to Blathers moving forward, and they have a vendor at the north point of your island. When you go inside their vendor, Redd has four different pieces of art available to sell to you. Throughout the entire time, Redd is always sharing to you how much he’s giving you a discount for these high-class items. Animal Crossing fans will know Redd is notorious for selling fake items to you. 

Unfortunately, the trend does continue in New Horizons. While you’re browsing these art items in the Treasure Trawler, before you commit to purchase them, Redd gives you the option to inspect the work of art further. For those with a keen eye for quality art, you’ll likely recognize there’s a small error in the painting. If you notice the error, you can’t say anything or call Redd out on it. But you know what not to purchase from him. Of the four items, Redd sells you, three of them are fake, and only one of them is real.

If you bring a fake piece of art back to Blathers, he can spot it immediately. You won’t be able to post the piece of art to your museum. Because you can only purchase a single piece of art from Redd each day, you have to wait to purchase more after you buy the fake. You can freely hang or place the artwork anywhere in your home, though.

Spotting these fakes will prove a challenge. Redd could offer you multiple fake ones. You need to be on the lookout and make sure you take your time exploring Redd’s shop before committing to a purchase. Don’t let the silver-tongued fox fool you.