Does Remnant: From the Ashes have cross-play?

Playing with friends makes surviving easier.

Image via Gunfire Games

Remnant: From the Ashes places you into the thick of it in the world that’s gone to hell. The Root has taken over, and monsters have scoured the land, forcing you to take on the most fearsome of foes, with the world constantly changing, and items are limited. You mostly have to rely on your gun, but you can also bring a reliable friend with you to assist in your adventure, or you can visit their game to help them out. While you can share your experiences with friends, can you do it across platforms?

Unfortunately, you won’t have access to playing with friends who don’t have the same platform you’re on. You can purchase the game for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or a PC. If a friend purchases the game and doesn’t have it on the same platform, the two of you won’t be able to continue playing it together.

You have to stick to al of the available players on your current platform. It’s unlikely we’ll see the same arrive at a cross-play format, so you may have to stick with it. Developers Gunfire Games have a small answer to this question on their official forums regarding the future of cross-play, stating that, “It’s something we can look into after launch.”

However, the team at Gunfire is not actively developing it or have mentioned it’s something it’s working towards. With the release of Remnant‘s first DLC, Swamps of Corsus, they have made no further announcements about any cross-play potential or if their team is actively investigating how to make it happen.

It does work for Steam and Epic Games Store players. It will be available to work when looking for each other. What you need to do is create a public room to make available for your friend, and you should be able to find one another.

While you cannot enjoy any cross-play format, you can expect to continue to play the game with friends and explore Remnant‘s survival mode. Not only can you enjoy the new adventures in the Swamp of Corsus DLC, but the Apocoplyse difficulty mode adds even more intensity to an already brutal game.