Dredge: All 6 Flag Locations for The Painter

Dredge Update 3 added a new NPC, The Painter, and a set of flags for players to collect, but the clues this character gives are useless.


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Dredge Update 3 added in a new NPC, The Painter, and a handful of flags for players to equip their boats with. This is all part of the boat customization feature added to the game with this update. As Dredge players might expect, though, it’s not quite as simple as equipping the flags and getting back out to go fishing.

Instead, players must locate the flags and dredge them up from the depths. They’re hidden around Dredge’s fairly small yet densely packed world, making them difficult to track down. Completionists will want to find them all, while others will just want to own the best one and fly it for the rest of their playthrough.

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All 6 Flag Locations in Dredge

In the table below, we’ve outlined where players can find all 6 Flags for The Painter in Dredge. We’ve included a screenshot of the exact location, a map reference, and some context about where players will discover it.

Flag NameMap ReferenceTips on Getting the Flag
Hook Flag
On the line between H&I 13. It’s close to the coast at the bottom of the trio of islands to the right of Twisted Strand
This Flag is easiest to see right up against the coast of the island when approached from Twisted Strand. We rested at the pontoon in the area and headed for the Flag in the morning to ensure we had time to avoid nightfall.
Serpent Flag
On the line between H&I 10. It’s on the coast of the tiny island on the left-hand side of the group left of Steel Point.
For this Flag, we decided it was best to head to Steel Point to rest before sailing back out and grabbing it.
Eyes Flag
On the line between P&I 15. This Flag is on the corner of the large sunken temple on the corner of the third island up on the right-hand side of Devil’s Spine.
This was the trickiest Flag to grab by far. The large red fish that patrols the waters around Devil’s Spine goes right past it, and her children will harass players if they can catch them, drawing in their mother. We used the Banish power to push away that monster while we pulled up the Flag, then used Manifest to teleport far away from it.
Anchor Flag
In G2 in the bottom right-hand corner of Stellar Basin.
This Flag is easy to grab. It’s hard to see though, so look for large shipwrecks just under the water’s surface.
Pirate Flag
In the corner of N2. It’s south of Gale Cliffs on the coast of the third island down on the left-hand side.
This Flag was very easy to find. The challenge of getting it is the huge fish that lurks beneath the waters around Gale Cliffs. It managed to bash us while we were searching, though we didn’t lose anything because of it.
Ouroboros Flag
In L5. This one is around the islands northwest of Ingfell in Gale Cliffs.
This Flag was easy to get once we found it. The trouble is, the islands around Ingfell where it’s located are so easy to miss while exploring without looking at the map. It’s important to pay attention to the boat’s position, or players will sail right by them.

Players must look for an orange glow on the water’s surface with each Flag. When they find it, they’ll need to dredge the Flag up, which can take a good chunk of time. We recommend players find somewhere to rest nearby and head straight for the Flag they want to ensure they’re not sailing through the fog afterward.

How to Deliver Flags to The Painter in Dredge

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To deliver Flags to The Painter in Dredge, players must dredge them up from where they lie in the sea. Then they need to visit The Painter in Little Marrow. One of the first dialogue options is to deliver a Flag. If players have multiple Flags in their inventory, they’ll need to select this option a few times until all the Flags have been delivered. Once a Flag has been delivered, players can equip it on their boat.

How to Equip Flags in Dredge

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To equip Flags in Dredge, players need to select the Change Flag dialogue option with The Painter to change their Flag. This will open up a new menu where they can select which Flag they’d like to see flying on their boat. It’s possible to change a boat’s Flag multiple times at no cost because The Painter doesn’t charge for this service.