Top 10 Scariest Games To Play At Sleepovers

It’s gettin’ spooky!

Playing video games at sleepovers can be fun and frightening, depending on what games you pick. While a good round or two of Gang Beasts can get any group laughing, or a round of Mario Party can get everyone to tear each other’s heads off, if you want something more somber, you’ll have to get spooky. In this list, we have a few great scary games to play with a group, one at the helm while the rest watch with held breath.

10. Five Nights at Freddy’s (The Original Trilogy)

Image via Scott Games

It’s a classic to play as a group, mainly because it’s so dang difficult past night 3. Five Nights At Freddy’s got its fame from people watching it be played rather than playing it themselves, so why not continue the tradition at a sleepover? Even if you aren’t at the helm, the anticipation and anxiety of Five Nights at Freddys 1, 2, and 3 can be felt even from a few feet away. And if the one at the helm isn’t very good at the game, switching places between friends can help mitigate frustration with getting over the game’s big difficulty curve. We suggest the first three games simply because, at the time, Five Nights at Freddy’s was thought to be over and done with once 3 came out. While we know that is not true in the modern day, fifteen bucks is a reasonable price to pay for a substantial amount of game!

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9. Scorn

Image via Ebb Software

If you’re into haunting visuals and horrifying implications, Scorn is your game. Inspired by the works of H. R. Giger, to call this game unsettling would be a gross understatement. Every inch of this game is freaky, making it captivating to watch for those who tend to be morbidly curious. Playing as a group can be especially fun, with all of the split decisions you must make at the driver’s seat of gameplay. Wandering one way or choosing one door can be a group decision, one that, more often than not, has gritty consequences.

8. Dredge

Image via Black Salt Games

Dredge is a relatively new but golden game that features you, a boat, and a host of the unknown in the waters below. Despite being a new title for consoles and PCs, this game is making quite a splash (pun intended) in not only the horror gaming community but eldrich enthusiasts as well. The game is quite cozy when you aren’t terrified of what’s in the water, which makes it a great game to wind down if it’s been a long night. Be warned, though, it won’t leave you without spooks, especially when you have a boat full of treasure.

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7. Slenderman

Image via Blue Isle Studios

Slenderman is a real classic, the horror game necessity that was practically required reading for those who watched way too much YouTube back during the 2010s. Any Slenderman is good; just take your pick for what you want to find. Teddy bears? Notes? Memories? There are plenty of Slenderman games out there to choose from, and they can run on practically any PC. If all you have for your gaming night with friends is a gaming laptop, these games can run on any machine.

6. Alien: Isolation

Image via Creative Assembly

Alien: Isolation is a stalwart horror game that can be enhanced by playing with other people around. It can be best to have multiple eyes on your screen to survey your surroundings. Running and hiding from Androids and the Xenomorphs can be a great time with some high stakes, especially if there are folks with you who have never played the game before. The game surely holds up, and while 2014 doesn’t sound like it was almost ten years away, it is!

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5. Faith: The Unholy Trinity

Image via Airdorf Games

Faith: The Unholy Trinity is a surprisingly terrifying experience that doesn’t need high-fidelity graphics to be impressive. The lack of detail makes the game all the more unsettling. The less detail you have to go on, the more that can be left to the imagination, and in this trilogy of minimalistic horror, detail is everything. Cutscenes and electronic voice acting really set the vibe without breaking the immersion of how limited the graphics are, with cutscenes trimmed down to be only outlines or character sprites on a map. With multiple endings, haunting music choices, and a great impression of the unknown and occult, this game is far more scary than initially advertised. Give this one a shot, or gift it to a friend if you want to sit down for three awesome, horrifying sessions of gameplay together.

4. Bigfoot

Image via CyberLight Game Studio

Bigfoot is a game that has a simple premise: Find Bigfoot. In this game, you all play as researchers who are camping out in the middle of nowhere with your supplies to find and photo Bigfoot. The only unfortunate part is that Bigfoot is way bigger and more aggressive than expected. Playing this game with a group in the same room can be loads of fun. Even if you want to play this game for more than one night, gamers can get together online and create rooms. The game also allows one player to play as Bigfoot, making the game a whole heap more difficult for those playing as researchers.

3. Phasmophobia

Image via Kinetic Games

Despite only being out for a few years, Phasmophobia feels like a classic to mention. The game is a ghost-hunting simulator where you and your friends can try to make it as amateur ghost hunters. While playing this game in an online room with friends over a Discord call is more common, you can also get a great load of fun by playing it all together in the same room. If you want to raise the stakes in a room full of Phasmo experts, try playing as a lone hunter with the rest of the group watching from behind because if you die like that, the game is over.

2. The Mortuary Assistant

Image via DarkStone Digital

The Mortuary Assistant is a game that sounds just like the title. You are a mortuary assistant who’s helping a coworker who had to go home early for an emergency. The only issue is that the body isn’t behaving quite like someone dead and gone. While this indie game is a relatively short experience, the payoff is amazing, and the suspense between happenings is tangible. Playing with friends can amplify the experience, especially if you are all easily spooked.

1. Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Image via Frictional Games

If you want a scary game that’ll keep everyone on their toes, try Amnesia: The Dark Descent. It’s definitely stood the test of time as a game, being around for years and getting a little popularity help from various internet personalities. This game is one of the most iconic horror experiences out there because of its atmosphere and well-done storytelling. If you need only one game to get you through a sleepover without any sleep, this would be the game to try to beat in one night. (Yes, it’s possible! The entire experience without delays is about 6 or 7 hours long.)