Dredge: How to find all the Stone Tablets

Some things weren’t meant to be found once lost.


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The waters around Greater Marrow in Dredge are brimming with stories to be told. Some stories are less clear than others, as you’ll find when you trigger the Stone Tablets Pursuit. This guide explains where to find all the Stone Tablets in Dredge, so you can complete this Pursuit and unlock a powerful reward that no mortal was ever meant to touch.

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Where to find all the Stone Tablets

Below, we’ve listed where you can find all three Stone Tablets in Dredge. You should find at least one of them while acquiring the Fathomless Flames in the Devil’s Spine region, which will start the Stone Tablet Pursuit.

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Each one has the usual disturbed watermark on the surface, but there’s a slight red glow to them that sets them apart. Look for this red glow if you’re determined to find each Stone Tablet by yourself.

Stone Tablet 1

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The first Stone Tablet is located around the back of the island where the Pontoon is docked in Devil’s Spine. It’s inside a ruin close to where you’ll go searching for one of the three Fathomless Flames in the area.

Stone Tablet 2

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You can find another Stone Tablet on the left-hand side of the large island up from the pontoon’s location. This is in the heart of some ruins, and you’ll need to be careful to avoid the smaller redfish calling their mother to eat you.

Stone Tablet 3

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The last Stone Tablet on our list is at the top of Devil’s Spine. It’s inside some ruins once again, but you’ll need Packed Explosives to get this one.

How to complete the Stone Tablets Pursuit

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You’ll trigger the Stone Tablets Pursuit when you dredge up your first Stone Tablet at one of the locations marked above. It’s unclear if you need to return to the Trader in Little Marrow each time you find one or if you can find all three and then take them all to the Trader. We took them all to the Trader individually, so we recommend you do the same because there’s interesting dialogue for each encounter.

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Once you’ve returned all three to the Trader, he’ll fuse them and give you the Fused Tablet. This is a powerful artifact that you can use to gain entry to the Ancient Lighthouse in Devil’s Spine, the same region where you dredged up all the Stone Tablets. It’s hard to miss because it sticks out so prominently at the top of the map.

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When you go inside, you’ll receive a selection of rewards, including Flame of the Sky. This is a powerful light that only takes up two spaces in your boat but provides more lumens than any other light for the space in the game. Since the Trader asked you to, it’s worth returning to him once you’ve been inside the Ancient Lighthouse to finish off his dialogue and satisfy his curiosity.

What is Flame of the Sky?

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Flame of the Sky is an interesting tool in Dredge because it doesn’t seem to be from the deep as other cosmic items like the Mouth of the Deep crab pot are. It’s a light that provides 3,500 lumens for your boat, brighter than anything else you can equip in the same space. The nature of this tool being a light is the polar opposite of all the aberrations and otherworldly items you can acquire. That leads us to believe that this item was used to banish the cosmic horrors of the waters around Greater Marrow until it was stolen and locked away in the Ancient Lighthouse.

Since the Stone Tablets are the only thing that allows you to get this light, and getting them without being eaten by a giant redfish is next to impossible without powers pulled from another world, we surmise that someone under the influence of an Old God locked it away. The proximity of a fish-worshiping cult on the nearby island indicates that one of the Fanatic’s duties may have been to keep people away from the Ancient Lighthouse. There’s no punishment for using this light, and it helps you navigate better than anything else in the game. It’s the only remnant of any forces that might once have fought back against the horrors that form the core story in Dredge.