EEK3 2023: How to Watch & All Announcements

EEK3 2023 is the indie horroe game community’s E3, boasting some of the scariest game reveals and announcements each and every year.


Image via EEK3

EEK3 is an indie horror game event that showcases some of the best games from the indie horror scene every year. The event shines the spotlight on smaller games that horror fans can truly immerse themselves in, many of which turn out to be better than mainstream horror offerings.

EEK3 2023 is no different and retains the haunted PS1 aesthetic that’s given the event its identity over the years. In this article, we’ve covered exactly where and how to watch the showcase, and have highlighted every announcement so fans can track them down and play them if they want to.

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Where & How to Watch EEK3 2023

the best place to watch EEK3 2023 is on the Haunted PS1 YouTube channel. However, for those who prefer Twitch, the Haunted PS1 Twitch channel will also host the showcase. We believe the event will start at 7 PM BST/11 AM PT, but the official time hasn’t been confirmed.

The showcase will be a pre-recorded event, so while the stream may start on Twitch sooner than YouTube, we’ve always experienced pre-recorded shows like this with better visual quality on YouTube. Once the showcase is over, the video of it will be available on YouTube forever. The Haunted PS1 community works hard each year to present the best games to indie horror fans, and these videos deserve to be watched in the future just as much as in the moment they’re streamed.

All Announcements from EEK3 2023

Image via EEK3

The showcase started with a few images of animated blobs. The chat had a great time making jokes about these, but really, we all just wanted to get into the announcements. Before long, the host appeared, and all sorts of spooky madness started. It’s well worth watching the intro before getting into the announcements because it is absolutely bonkers.


Available to wishlist on Steam

Mouthwashing is deeply disturbing horror game set on a spaceship where the crew is isolated, and all sorts of horrible things are happening. It looks to be a a type of point and click adventure title set in a first person perspective with an incredible retro vibe.

Tower of Tears

Tower of Tears looks like a really unsettling horror game that uses the same cutesy style of graphics and animations as old Animal Crossing games. With this title, it’s the context of what’s happening that will disturb the player. At the time of writing, we couldn’t find a Steam page or anything else for this game.


Available now on Steam

Canine is an eerie game about a boy who goes looking for his lost dog in a facility where people are experimenting on pets. It’s got creepy, lurching enemies in the distance that will approach from the shadows and scare the life out of anyone playing.

Ground Zero

Available to wishlist on Steam

Ground Zero is a Resident Evil and Dino Crisis-inspired retro horror game. It’s got all the tropes but none of the terrible quality of life features to hold it back. Anyone looking for a new classic horror game with PS1 style visuals should definitely check it out.

Death in Abyss

Available to wishlist on Steam

Death in Abyss is a twin-stick shooter with a horror twist. Players are thrown into a deadly ship as they attack cosmic horrors from beyond. We’re talking giant ships with gaping maws, and they are disgusting. We can’t wait for this one to sink its teeth into us.

Greyhill Incident

Available on Steam, PlayStation, and Xbox

In Greyhill Incident, players take on the role of a farmer in the middle of a covert alien invasion. Greys are visiting each night, taking cows and probing people. We’ve featured this game in a past Indie Spotlight because of the impeccable vibes it gives off. There’s nothing quite like it, and we believe that’s because it’s very reminiscent of the Signs movie starring Mel Gibson.

Chasing the Unseen

Available to wishlist on Steam alongside a free demo

In Chasing the Unseen, players must climb colossal creatures because their lives depend on it. Think of it like a grotesque version of Shadow of the Colossus, except it’s very easy to want to kill the creatures being climbed in this game.

Harvest Festival 64

Available now on and Steam

Harvest Festival 64 is an N64 horror game that takes everything fans love about Harvest Moon and corrupts it. Players will get to know their neighbors, help out the locals in time for the local festival, and probably murder one of the adorable cast along their journey.


Available now on and Steam

Spiritrest is a horror 3D platformer. At its heart, this is a platformer fans of the genre will love, with collectibles, massive levels to enjoy and explore, as well as more than a few horror tropes for good measure. We think it looks like what Tomb Raider Underworld probably should have been, the adventures of a deceased but very athletic woman through the afterlife.

House of Necrosis

Available to wishlist on Steam

Hosue of Necrosis ais a turn-based horror RPG. It’s filled with Final Fantasy 7 style UI and visuals, but players much like a survival horror game. Players will need to manage their inventory and strategize with every encounter, but the actual combat moves to a turn-based system. A really interesting blend of genres.

Hamelin’s Journey

Available on now

Hamelin’s Journey is a 3D monster collecting game set in a dreamscape filled with spirits. It’s inspired by the greats like Pokemon and Monster Rancher, meaning there will be more than enough collecting, training, and battling to keep players busy for tens of hours.

Angeline Era

Available to wishlist on steam

Angeline Era is a fast-paced 3D action RPG that’s filled with massive bosses and intense fantasy battles. Players will fight their way through sinners in the past, present, and future, as they work towards taking down the abominations of every world. We got some serious Final Fantasy feels from this one.

The Lacerator

Available to wishlist on Steam

The Lacerator is a gross but amazing upcoming indie horror title. In it, protagonist Max is kidnapped by The Lacerator, the product of 80s horror movies and all retro survival horror games. This enemy is lethal and will pursue Max around his dungeon.

It’s a game about trying multiple solutions across many playthroughs to see what works, because Max can lose a limb and carry on trying to escape. We love the limb-losing mechanic in this and are very excited to play it when it’s ready.


Available on Steam now

In Atama, players investigate a haunted rural Japanese village infested with something sinister. While playing, they’ll use psychic powers to see through the eyes of their pursuers, allowing them to know precisely where they are and avoid them as they move around the village. We like the mechanics of this game a lot and think it’ll make for a truly unique experience.

What is EEK3?

Image via EEK3

EEK3 is the indie horror showcase of the year. Games from smaller developers are gathered together and broadcast to fans of obscure horror titles to admire and be terrified by. The indie horror scene is filled with some of the best scary games on the market, and this event helps get them in front of the eyes of people who actively want to play them.