Europa Arms quest guide – Destiny 2 – Stasis-sealed chest locations

Stasis-sealed chests are all the rage.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light

Image via Bungie

Once you gain access to the Darkness and unlock the Statis element in Destiny 2 by completing the campaign, you’re ready to explore Europa and find what’s out there fully. It’s cold and full of death, and plenty of loot for you to obtain. If you return Variks the Loyal, he’ll have a pair of quests for you where you need to find two Statis-sealed chests. One of those is in Bray Exoscience, and the other is deeper inside, in Eternity.

Bray Exoscience Stasis-sealed chest location

Bray Exoscience is to the northwest of Variks’ current location. You can find it to the west of Cadmus Ridge.

The entrance to the facility is nearly overrun by enemies and is covered in snow. You can find the start of it by looking for the red exterior, with a yellow light. It’ll look like a cave, but made of metal. You’ve likely been here for the Beyond Light campaign and for another quest, Europa Legs.

Reach the main area of the facility. For this quest, it will be in a different part of the facility. Don’t go to the right. Instead, go straight ahead and then take a left. Investigate this part of the facility, and eventually, you’ll reach a point where you have to fight a swarm of Fallen and then unseal a blocked path using your new Stasis powers. There should be a Stasis-sealed chest in the next room, on the left side. After collecting it, you’re one step closer to finishing the Europa Arms. The next chest is deeper inside the facility.

Eternity Stasis-sealed chest location

The next location is in the same area, so you don’t have to adventure across Europa to find it. You need to go deeper into Bray Exoscience. It’s mostly a forward path, but it’s pretty long, full of jumps, and you want to be at least light level 1,200 to properly combatant them. You’ll find the chest on a platform, in the middle of a room, at the location pictured below.

Once you unseal this chest, return to Variks in Charon’s Crossing, and the quest is complete. If you would like a video to follow a long, you can find one for each area below, showing the route from the door of the complex to the chest.

Bray Exoscience