Every Among Us Logo style and how to make your own

These fonts and generators are very convincing imposters.

Among Us logo

Images via Innersloth

When someone mentions Among Us, your mind may go to a lot of places. You may think of “AMOGUS” memes, or make a joke about Red being sus, but there is no doubt that one of the other iconic parts of the game is its simple yet notable logo. There are a few different versions of it, and there are some easy ways to make your own Among Us-inspired logo.

Among Us Logo variants

Among Us Logo variants
Images via Innersloth

The Among Us logo is iconic, no doubt. Within that logo, however, are three different variants. There is the solid black logo, the white logo with black outline (arguably the most popular version), and the solid white logo.

How to make your own Among Us logo

Among Us Logo Generator
Image via Font Meme

The easiest way to make your own Among Us logo, or similar with different text, is to use the Among Us Font Logo Generator from Font Meme. This will let you generate the existing logo or your own text variants without the crewmate/imposter for the “A.” This is the best option for mobile.

PC Font Options

If you would prefer a more long-term or non-online option, the fonts closest to the Among Us logo include the following:

You can download these and put them in your Fonts folder on your PC in order to use them in all compatible programs with text.