Every Battlefield 2042 map, ranked best to worst

Choose the right battlefield.

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Maps in the Battlefield franchise have always been highly regarded in terms of size, destructibility, and vehicle compatibility. The philosophy remains in Battlefield 2042, which includes eight total maps with varying atmospheres, gameplay mechanics, and sizes. Whether you want to fight in a sprawling arctic wasteland or in the midst of a crowded city warzone, you’ll probably find a map worth playing in Battlefield 2042.

That being said, not all maps are created equal in Battlefield 2042. Some maps just don’t work very well in terms of game flow and player engagement. Some maps even actively work against you by limiting your vision. While world events are always fun, they can become very old very quickly, leading players to desire other maps over some. In this guide, we will be going over every map in Battlefield 2042 ranked best to worst.

The best map in Battlefield 2042: Exposure

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The first map added to Battlefield 2042 with the Season 1: Zero Hour launch also happens to be the best map in the game. Exposure just feels like a Battlefield map. Set in the Canadian Rockies, you will be presented with sprawling vistas for intense long-range vertical fights, but you also have your tight close quarters choke points that teams can fight over for basically the entire round. Every specialist should feel comfortable and useful playing on Exposure, but specialists like Sundance and Mackay are extra fun due to their movement abilities. If you are looking for a classic feeling Battlefield map, look no further.


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Discarded is an interesting take on the idea of mixing long-range gunfights with close-range brawls. Set on India’s west coast, Discarded is one of the best maps if you want non-stop action in a single chokepoint. You could be fighting a sniper over 200 meters away and almost immediately find yourself within shotgun range by entering one of the colossal ships. No one loadout will dominate on Discarded, making it one of the most versatile maps in the game. You will want to be on the lookout for vehicles though, as Discarded is very open if you’re not fighting in one of the ships.


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Looking for that classic, non-stop action close quarters Battlefield map? If so, you have found it. There is never really a dull moment in Kaleidoscope. Set in a bustling metropolis in South Korea, Kaleidoscope is made for SMGs and Shotguns. You can find yourself fighting in the central data center, among several different skyscrapers, or in any of the maps surrounding plazas. Kaleidoscope is a struggle for vehicle-focused players and for those that want to take a more slow and tactical approach to playing the game. That being said, if you’re looking to get as many kills as possible and max out your challenges, Kaleidoscope is the map for you.


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Orbital is quite the unique map. It places players in the midst of an imminent rocket launch with looming storms on the horizon. It is definitely the most interactive map in Battlefield 2042 as players can experience different events almost every round. From rocket explosions to tornados, you never really know what you’re going to get on Orbital. Gameplay-wise, Orbital works great. You will find a lot of the action at the central control tower, the ominous rocket, and the surrounding structures. Orbital’s one downfall is that almost all of the fighting happens in the middle of the map, leaving outskirt zones a bit barren.


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Manifest takes the epic shipping container fights of classic maps like Noshahr Canals and attempts to scale it up. Whether Manifest successfully does this can be argued, but it is definitely still a fun time hopping from container to container while you fight the enemy team. Snipers will really excel on Manifest, as there are tons of towers and cranes for them to perch up on, so be sure to look up once in a while. Being the only night map in Battlefield 2042, Manifest offers something that isn’t really available in the rest of the game, making it worth playing for its fast-paced night warfare vibes.


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Breakaway is huge — like, really huge. With a surface area of 5.9 square kilometers, Breakaway easily takes the spot for the largest map in Battlefield franchise history. This being said, large doesn’t always mean good, and you will often find yourself sprinting across the arctic wasteland for minutes before you find any action. Fortunately, once you do find the action, Breakaway can be a pretty fun map experience. If you are a vehicle-focused Battlefield player, Breakaway might actually be one of your favorites due to its open skies and rigid terrains.


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Hourglass is basically a barren desert with a few skyscrapers in the middle of it. Due to this, a lot of the fighting can feel very coverless, making you depend on sand dunes and small destructible buildings for your cover. That being said, you can definitely pull off some fun plays on Hourglass, especially if you like using sniper rifles. Tank players should also fall in love with Hourglass, as it almost feels like the map was made for them. Hourglass can also periodically have a sandstorm, which severely limits vision and makes the game look quite blurry. It is interesting the first time but grows old quickly.

The worst map in Battlefield 2042: Renewal

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Visually, Renewal is very interesting to look at, combining lush plains with rough desert. Playing on Renewal on the other hand isn’t really a good time. There is a giant wall that separates the map and stops any and all game flow, making players fight at the wall. The map is also very open, providing little to no cover in most gunfights. There are a few buildings where you can find some intense close-quarters fighting, but they can quickly be overrun. Renewal tried to implement a unique gameplay feature, but really fell short when it comes to the experience while playing the map.