Every GPU Jungle puzzle piece in Astro’s Playroom

Fill out your PlayStation Labo mural with these puzzle pieces.

GPU Jungle is the world dedicated to PlayStation 4 hardware with its Artefacts and many other references to PlayStation games through the years. Throughout the world’s four levels, you will go through a jungle, climb treetops, explore ruins, and scale a mountain. There are 16 total puzzle pieces to collect for the mural in the PlayStation Labo along the way. Here is where you can find all of them.

Render Forest

The first puzzle piece can be found by jumping onto the platform with the centipede robot patrolling it. After defeating it, spin attack the flower in the middle and a plant will spring into the air. Jump up the appearing platforms, make your way across a rope, and boost to the puzzle piece next to a spiky robot.

The next time you find a centipede robot will present another opportunity for a puzzle piece. Make your way to the left and pull down the wooden wall. Bounce up to the tightrope above and make your way across without getting hit by the cannons firing at you. The puzzle piece will be on the other side atop a bounce pad.

Back at the platform where the centipede robot was, pull the wires on the stone top in front of you to get a bottle for throwing. Move back and to the right to see two rotating structures with yellow symbols on them. Throw the bottle at the one on the left to reveal a puzzle piece that you can boost yourself towards.

At the end of this level, getting into the monkey suit puts you into the next section. Instead, drop down to the bounce pad in front of it. There are stairs to the left, leading you to a puzzle piece.

Terraflop Treetops

When in the monkey suit, climb your way to the second checkpoint. Jump up and grab the zipper with your right hand and keep your left hand out to grab a yellow stud that will reveal a new pathway. Follow along this new path until you reach a zipper that will automatically pull you towards the puzzle piece. As a note, on the pink studs, do not let loose your grip on the other triggers, or you will fall when the pink ones fall away.

At the next checkpoint, swing yourself up from the first rope and lean your controller to the left to grab the second puzzle piece.

As you continue your climb, you will see a puzzle piece in a row of coins on the main path. Do not grab this yet. Instead, lean your controller to the right and swing yourself up to a white stud on the right to reveal a new pathway. Continue along this path to find the third puzzle piece and an Artefact. When you’re back on the main course, grab the puzzle piece you saw before.

Raytrace Ruins

Immediately after getting out of the monkey suit, you will see four robots playing Ninja Bot to the right. Pull the wire that is just behind them, and a structure will appear with a puzzle piece on top. Jump onto the slightly higher platform to the left and boost yourself up to the piece.

At the next checkpoint, there is a back pathway to the left that leads to a Demon’s Souls reference. The second puzzle piece of this level is behind there.

Two checkpoints after the last piece, you will walk across a cord that has wind blowing you to the right. Use this wind to jump and boost yourself to a small island with a Jak & Daxter reference. Use your spin attack on the flower here to bring up a structure you need to climb for an Artefact. Just before you get to the top, the third puzzle piece is on a small platform to the left.

After the boss fight against a wall monster that fires metallic balls at you, you will walk across a cord. Midway along this cord, turn to your right and fire an arrow at the yellow symbol through a hole in the wall. This will bring out a small platform with the final puzzle piece here.

Mt. Motherboard

Back in the monkey suit, you will be climbing your way up a mountain. After you grab a rope that swings you to the right, you will swing yourself up past a cannon. The first puzzle piece will be up and to the left. When you swing up there, be sure to grab the rope sitting on a cliff just below it to swing to a secret path on the left for an Artefact.

Just beyond the last puzzle piece is another cannon. Once you get past this, swing to the left and grab the puzzle piece floating right above a bar.

Two checkpoints later, you will see a puzzle piece down and to the right after swinging yourself from a bar.

After grabbing the studs on the other side of this piece, work your way to climb down to the golden stud at the bottom. Once you hold it, the final puzzle piece will appear.