When is Pokémon Go Fest 2020? – Dates and info

Time for a virtual bonding experience.

Pokémon Go Fest is returning for 2020, and you can expect Pokémon encounters, bonuses, and Special Research tasks to happen at the same time. Rather than have a specific location for the event, developer Niantic will be hosting the event virtually for all trainers. While the event will be happening virtually, you will still need to purchase a ticket to receive the bonuses, exclusive Pokémon encounters, and to complete the available Special Research task.

The dates for Pokémon Go Fest 2020 are for July 25 and 26. Tickets for the event will likely go on sale a month before it so that you can expect them sometime in the middle of June or towards the end of the month. While it will be a virtual experience, Niantic promises new, exciting ways for trainers to connect during the event, likely finding ways for players to interact with each other, even if they can’t physically be near one another.

Besides the dates and that it will be a virtual experience, Niantic has not shared many other details about the event. We can expect an exclusive Pokémon to be available during the event. The Pokémon could be a preview for one set to release to everyone at a later date like Rufflet was for a Safari Zone adventure, which was then canceled and made available through battle league rewards.

We’ll be updating this page and others regarding the Pokémon Go Fest 2020 information. For now, keep the dates in mind and be on the lookout for when tickets become available. Typically, these tickets go for $15, but because it’ll be a virtual experience, this expected amount could change.