Everything coming to the Sim’s 4 Eco Lifestyle expansion pack

A new expansion is coming for the Sims 4.

Image via Electronic Arts

The Sims 4 expansion called Eco Lifestyle focuses on healthier living, for players to have the chance to use sustainable resources and to treat the environment better than they previously had the means to do so. The expansion comes with a new town called Evergreen Harbor, and much more with it.

The different actions and choices you make while living in Evergreen Harbor affect the environment around you. If you choose to make cleaner choices and use sustainable resources while living in town, the air remains clean around you. For those who wish to use cheaper, dirtier resources, then you can expect to see plenty of smog filling the air around your characters throughout the town.

These sustainable choices include adding wind turbines and solar panels to your home. You can upgrade them to your lower the number of bills you pay for your home, saving you money, and assisting the environment at the same time. You can also choose to upcycle junk items to turn them into decorative items to use throughout your home or create new furniture.

The expansion pack also includes a new job called the Freelance Crafter. It allows you to go around town to pick up old items, and Brave Sims can go dumpster diving to locate collectibles others may have thrown away. Once you have enough items, you can craft a project to sell the other items online, creating custom candles, fizzy juices, upcycled items, and other things requested by your online community.

The final addition coming to the Eco Lifestyle expansion is being able to create community spaces. These are unused areas of your city that you can turn into community gardens, or vote for other things within your community, such as a weekly upcycle event, art focuses, or various options. You can vote with other members of your community every week to find the best choice for the new space.

The expansion is paid DLC available to anyone who has the Sims 4 base game. You can grab it for $39.99 for PC, Xbox One, or the PS4, releasing on June 5