Everything we know about cosmetics in Marvel’s Avengers – Rarities, takedowns, PS4 exclusives

How do cosmetics work in Marvel’s Avengers?

Marvel's Avengers cosmetics skins outfits rarities

Marvel’s Avengers is a month out from release, and the steady stream of information ahead of launch is whetting our appetite for its arrival. The latest drop from Crystal Dynamics concerns the in-game cosmetics. Some of these aren’t just for show, however. They’ll give your heroes special abilities, be labeled in different rarity classes, and more.

If you want to get the complete lowdown on cosmetics ahead of launch or even the beta period, which begins on August 7, read on.

What are cosmetics in Marvel’s Avengers?

Cosmetics are items that you can equip to your different characters. They’ll be different outfits or skins that you can dress your heroes up in to stand out from the crowd, particularly during multiplayer excursions.

Outfits have been pulled directly from the pages of Marvel’s illustrious back catalog of comics, so longtime fans will certainly geek out if they find their favorite costume for their character. Developer Crystal Dynamics has also crafted new, unique skins specifically for their game, so look out for these ones too.

There are four cosmetic rarity types in Marvel’s Avengers: Uncommon, Rare (blue), Epic (purple), and Legendary (gold). They won’t provide you with gameplay advantages or boost your stats, though. That’s what gear is for, so cosmetics are only there to make your heroes look as fancy as you want them to be.

How can I get cosmetics in Marvel’s Avengers?

Many cosmetics can be picked up throughout the game’s campaign mode as loot drops, by working out mission puzzles, the Marketplace, or visiting various vendors in-game.

You can decipher patterns earned from missions using your Helicarrier’s Fabrication Machine, and completing Iconic Hero missions will allow you to unlock full Iconic costumes for certain characters.

Specific skins will also give you certain Takedowns. Takedowns are cosmetic abilities that allow your Avengers to perform high-powered moves under certain circumstances during fights. Once used, these Takedowns will feature a cooldown timer so you can’t spam your way to victory.

Are there platform-exclusive cosmetics in Marvel’s Avengers?

Yes. Just like the Spider-Man content that PlayStation 4 owners will get in Marvel’s Avengers, they’ll also get timed-exclusive cosmetics when the game launches.

PS4 users will have a 30-day exclusive window to a Legendary outfit, Epic Takedown, and more as each one is released. After this 30-day period, PC and Xbox One gamers will get access to them too.

PS Plus subscribers will also receive a free bundle for each post-launch Avengers. These will include a Rare outfit, nameplate, and 100 credits. There’s no word on whether these will ever be available to Xbox Game Pass on Xbox One and PC subscribers.