Everything we know about Valorant’s Agent 16 – leaks, release date, abilities

Putting the pieces together.

Image via Riot Games

Valorant has 15 different Agents that players can choose from, but a new one is on the way. Riot has begun to tease Agent 16 in different ways, and in this article, we will be drawing together everything we know about them.

The agent is expected to have the code name Grenadier, which perhaps gives some hints about potential abilities that they will bring to matches. Riot has hinted at one aspect of the upcoming Agent, saying “This is an Agent whose utility can create moments where you must rely on your gunplay.”

While there isn’t much to go on here, we feel that Agent 16 may turn out to be very good at giving enemies a reason to break cover, giving players a chance to put their aim to the test as they try to rapidly take out scattering enemies. If the Agent is capable of throwing some form of timed explosive it would make sense, and tie in well to both the name and Riot’s statement about the character.

Folks over on Twitter have noticed teasers even appearing in the game. The teleporter on Breeze now says “Arrival Imminent”, and the knife stuck in the box there has been given an animated special effect as well.

During the recent Summer Game Fest, Riot also dropped a quick teaser video show off a robotic head and body, so it seems the new agent might also be some form of a robot. At the time, the official Valorant account quickly switched to being Killjoy themed and posted the above tweet, so it seems that she may have been the one to create the robot.

As for when the new agent will arrive, we expect it to have sometime around the start of Episode 3, which will begin on June 22.