Everything you need to know about new MOBA Fault – early access, gameplay, platforms

Paragon is back!

Fans of the very rare third-person MOBA genre will have another game to try out as Fault, the new title from Strange Matter Studios launches into early access on July 17. As first-time players will soon discover, this new game is inspired in many ways by Paragon.

What is Fault?

Fault is a competitive MOBA using Unreal engine to render 3D arenas in which two teams of five players battle each other alongside waves of minions. If you have already noticed a Paragon similarity, you’re not wrong. “We are invested in rebuilding and improving upon the 3D action MOBA genre,” Strange Matter’s developers explain on Fault’s official site. “Most of us were passionate Paragon players and desire to see the game reach the potential we all knew it had.”


While the third-person perspective certainly gives Fault an action game vibe, the game is heavily grounded in MOBA conventions. Unlike previous hybrid titles like Gigantic, Fault sticks much closer to the MOBA side of things when it comes to gameplay. Players use their chosen hero to push down lanes and destroy enemy towers to eventually overwhelm the enemy base. Speaking of heroes, every Paragon hero is set to make a return in Fault, many with new abilities.

Fault also has a deep customization system. Players can change their hero’s abilities with items, and passive perk builds inspired by League of Legends and other MOBAs. For early access, new heroes and mechanics will be gradually added to the game, as well as a ranked more. Esports support is also in the cards.

How to play Fault

Fault enters early access on July 17 as a pay-to-play title, with PC servers opening at 1pm EST. The early access is limited to PC players for now, but the game will eventually make its way to consoles, most likely beginning with a Playstation release.

Fault is scheduled for a “tentative” full release in Q1 2021.