Everything you need to know about the Battlefield 2042 Season Pass

Content will start rolling out next year.

Press image of Battlefront 2042

Image via Electronic Arts

Battlefield 2042 officially launched today, and one qualm players have been vocal about is the game’s apparent lack of content. However, developer DICE stated earlier this month that more content will be coming soon in post-launch seasons. Here’s everything we know about Battlefield 2042’s Year One season pass so far. As some details regarding the game’s post-launch plans are still a little hazy, this guide will be updated as we receive more information from DICE.

Purchasing the Year One season pass will allow you to access each upcoming season’s content as soon as it becomes available. You can expect to receive the following items as part of the pass throughout Battlefield 2042’s first year of service:

  • Four battle passes
  • Four new Specialists
  • Three Epic skin bundles

You can access the Epic skins right now; go to the collection menu, and you’ll be able to outfit your Specialist in them. However, the battle passes and new Specialists won’t arrive until next year, when Battlefield 2042’s first season starts. Each battle pass and Specialist will be rolled out one season at a time, and DICE has said that it plans to have four seasons within the game’s first year of service, meaning we’ll likely get a new one every few months.

You can purchase the Year One season pass right now for $39.99, or if you buy the Gold/Ultimate editions of the game, the pass will be included there too. As for when the first batch of seasonal content is going to kick off, DICE has said to “expect more details early next year,” indicating Battlefield 2042’s first season might be targeting an early 2022 release window.