FIFA 20 Best Strikers in Career Mode | Best ST, CF


Soccer is 90 percent about goals. If you can score goals and lots of them, then chances are a win is imminent. In FIFA 20, the game is as much a player like you. It has equal opportunities of planting a shot down and having it the back of the net as you do with your controller. You can get yourself in a fantastic position for a shot on goal, but it doesn’t guarantee they’re going to score.

So when it comes to FIFA 20 and scoring, you need players who can finish and compete well. Having strikers rated 60 in front of a team made up of 85+ midfielders and defense can only take you so far. That’s where this guide comes into play.

Here are a selection of the best strikers in FIFA 20 Career Mode, with age taken into consideration

Lionel Messi (Barcelona, 32, CF/ST, OVR Rating 94)

It’s difficult to put into words how easy Lionel Messi makes scoring goals look. Last season, he bagged 51 goals in 50 appearances. And he’s still only 32! Fantastic finisher with unbelievable dribbling skills, Messi is STILL one of, if not the best striker in the world, and that’s reflected in FIFA 20.


Finishing: 95

Composure: 94

Dribbling: 97

Ball Control: 96

Reactions: 95

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Eden Hazard (Real Madrid, 28, CF, OVR Rating 91)

It’s fair to say that Eden Hazard carried Chelsea for a long time. His skill and ability on the ball is a level above almost anyone in the Premier League. It’s no wonder Real Madrid splash the cash on this astounding player.


Acceleration/Balance: 94

Finishing: 84

Dribbling: 95

Ball Control: 94

Composure: 91

Mohamed Salah (Liverpool, 27, ST, OVR Rating 90)

A huge contributing factor to the success of Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp’s reign, Salah went from an outstanding winger to a dynamite attacker altogether. Lightning quick, and he’s great on the ball. Salah might work best as a winger, but you can turn him into a fantastic striker.


Acceleration: 94

Sprint Speed: 92

Finishing: 90

Reactions: 92

Dribbling/Ball Control: 89

Kylian Mbappé (Paris Saint Germain, 20, ST, OVR Rating 89)

The amount of hype surrounding Mbappé after his successful first season at Monaco was unlike anyone ever before him. The expectation to deliver for a man who cost a reported €180 million at 18 years old was monstrous. In his first season, he got 21 goals in 44 games. Last year, 39 goals in just 43 caps. Mbappé was already a superstar, but right now, in life and FIFA 20 Career mode, he’s set to become the best in the world.


Acceleration/Sprint Speed: 96

Agility: 92

Finishing: 89

Positioning: 89

Dribbling: 91

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Harry Kane (Tottenham Hotspur, 25, ST, OVR Rating 89)

One of FIFA 20’s best finishers, Harry Kane is a little different from other players on this list. He doesn’t pace quite as they do. Instead, he relies on being one of the best footballing brains in the business. His height also makes him deadly on a cross and is one of the best penalty takers you can buy too.


Finishing: 94

Heading Accuracy: 86

Positioning: 93

Composure/Reactions: 91

Shot Power: 90

Bargain Buy:

Timo Werner (RB Leipzig, 23, ST, OVR 83)

A player who is significantly cheaper than the above, Timo Werner has great attributes in all the right places. Excellent finishing, pacey, with good agility and reactions, and attacking positioning all point to a striker who knows how to score goals. Still, room to improve too. If Mbappé is out of your price range, Werner is an excellent choice.


Acceleration: 93

Sprint Speed: 92

Finishing: 86

Positioning: 85

Ball Control: 84