The Best Forwards/Strikers In FIFA 20 Ultimate Team


In this guide, we have your fifth and final look at the best players in each position for FIFA 20 FUT. We cast our critical eye over the men who lead our line, the Forwards/Strikers. If you followed the other guides in this site, you’ll now know who you need between the sticks, who you need in your back four, who should be running the middle of the park, and which players should be tearing up and down the flanks. But none of that means anything if you don’t have someone who can score.

Goals win games. You can keep the opposition out, but if you can’t score then you’re in for a lot of boring goalless draws. You won’t get any points or coins in FUT. With that in mind, the following list looks at the 10 best Forwards/Strikers that you really should look into buying/finding in packs.

As always, Icons will get included, and each player is a natural in this position.

Centre Forwards/Strikers

  1. Ronaldo. Icon. OVR: 96.
  2. Johan Cruyff.Icon. OVR: 94.
  3. Cristiano Ronaldo. OVR: 93. POT: 93.
  4. Eusébio da Silva Ferreira. Icon. OVR: 93.
  5. Thierry Henry. Icon. OVR: 93.
  6. Marco van Basten. Icon. OVR: 93.
  7. Dennis Bergkamp. Icon. OVR: 92.
  8. Kenny Dalglish. Icon. OVR: 92.
  9. Emilio Butragueño. Icon. OVR: 92.
  10. Alessandro Del Piero. Icon. OVR: 92.