When does the web app for FIFA 20 Ultimate Team release?


This year’s FIFA will be one of the biggest ever for the Ultimate Team mode. Drafts, squad builders, daily challenges, weekly challenges, a seasonal “battle pass” style set of rewards, objectives to complete, the number of options, and rewards that the mode offers is incredible.

It’s no wonder that players are looking to get started on their team now in time for the release of the game on all platforms on Sept 26.

For those unaware of the web app, it is essentially your way of managing your FIFA Ultimate Team through either your mobile or via a computer, where you can use the UT hub for almost all of its functions. It means that you can do pretty much everything you can do in the game except actually play a game!

The web app can usually be found on this link, meaning that you can continue to check periodically when FIFA 20’s web app becomes available.

So when is it available exactly, as EA seems to be tight-lipped on the exact date? Well, with the game in recent years being offered up for early access to players who have purchased the EA Access Premier on PC, it’s uncertain. This is a premium version of the existing EA Access program currently available on Xbox One, and recently PS4, where the games are made available a week early for subscribers, along with the top edition for each game, for a higher price.

The Early Access launch of FIFA 20 is Sept 19 in the early hours, and as this will be when the servers are active for the PC gamers looking to play Ultimate Team. However, it has been confirmed in a post on EA’s help forums that the release of the web app is going take place on Sept 18. There is not an exact time given as to when this would be, but with the European regions getting closer to the release on Early Access, it would be logical that it will be early in the day for most gamers. We recommend trying early in the day and keep attempting it over the date. The EA Companion App is due to release the day after.

Not much longer to go before release and the launch of the app though, and you can begin digging into EA’s newest release of the popular footballing franchise!