Fortnite – How to Catch a Weapon When Fishing in Chapter 2


You’re going to find yourself with a new series of challenges in Fortnite‘s latest update, Chapter 2. Not only are there new skins and challenges to check out, but there’s a selection of new mechanics players are going to need to learn. You can get a little creative with these mechanics, too. For example, players have the chance to capture a weapon when they’re fishing. In this guide, we’re going to break down how to do that.

Catching a Weapon while Fishing in Fortnite Chapter 2

You’re going to find the process of capturing a weapon eerily similar to fishing. The first step you’re going to need to do is grabbing a fishing rod. To do this, you can find them in several different locations. You might find it on the ground, in the chest, or inside of a fishing barrel. Of the options, fishing rods are easiest to locate inside of the fishing barrels. You’re likely going to get to through this method, so you and your teammates won’t be fighting over the one you find inside of a chest.

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When you grab the fishing rod, you’re going to hold it like a weapon or a med-pack. It’s going to take up a slot in your main inventory, so make sure you have room.

The next thing you need to do is locate an area where fish are gathering. You should be able to see them by the small ripples they’re making on a circle in the water, with bubbles coming out from it. When you locate an area like this, cast out your fishing rod hitting your main button, and watch the red bobber. The red bobber is going to hang out on the top surface of the water, and when you see it dip down, pull back on the fishing rod. You can pull back on it by clicking the same button you hit to cast it out.

Catching a Weapon in Fortnite Chapter 2

There you have it! You have the chance to catch fishing doing this action, or by getting a weapon. Unfortunately, there’s not an exact science to ensure you get one option over the other. You have to keep casting your line out to see what you get. Do this a few times, and you should get a random weapon.

Good luck, Fortnite players, and enjoy the new Chapter 2 update.