Free Fire OB24 update leaks – New characters, pet, map, lobby

Free Fire OB24 update is packed with surprises.

Image via Garena

The Free Fire OB24 update will release on September 23, 2020, and its advance server has been released officially. Players who want to enjoy the upcoming features in advance can download the Advance Server by following this guide. The leaks regarding the upcoming features have started surfacing the internet, and according to these, the update will add new characters, pet, map, and more. Here are the complete details.

New character: Dasha

Clip via Free Fire Gamers Zone

A brand new female character named Dasha, who is a prankster and rebel, will be arriving in the upcoming update. Her skill is to reduce recoil while moving, along with reducing recovery time and damage taken from falls to some extent. At level 1, Dasha will reduce recoil by 5%, damage taken by 45%, and recovery time by 55%, while at maximum level, she will reduce recoil by 10%, damage taken by 70%, and recovery time by 80%.

New character: Sverr

Clip via Free Fire Gamers Zone

Sverr is another character that will be added to the Free Fire OB24 Update, with the ability to increase the damage given after losing some HP. He will be a top tier MMA fighter, and at Level 1, he will consume 40HP to increase damage by 10% for 5 seconds, while at maximum level, 30HP will be consumed to increase damage by 20%.

New pet: Punkin

Punkin will have the ability to reduce the recovery time of its owner’s active ability. It has two skins, and three emotes that will be unlocked at different levels. You can unlock it by going into the pets section in the game.

New lobby

Image via Free Fire Gamers Zone

A brand new Diwali and FFCS-themed lobby will be introduced in the new update. Players will now be able to try out guns in the lobby before going into the match, and it also includes new AWM and AUG gun skins.

Classic Bermuda 2.0 Map

Image via Free Fire Gamers Zone

Earlier, Bermuda 2.0, or Bermuda Remastered, was released in the Clash Squad mode, and it will now be available in the classic games. The graphics of the map will be completely revamped, and some of the locations will be redesigned too.