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Frog Detective 3: Corruption at Cowboy County full Achievements and Trophy list

Some of these will require some diligent detective deduction.

The third and final game in the Frog Detective series, Corruption at Cowboy County, sees our favorite amphibious investigator on the old-western inspired Mystery of the Missing Hats. As this entry is (like the others) a relatively short affair, there are only six achievements for you to unlock in total. That said, three of those will require a bit of extra detective work, as they’re pretty easy to miss without a keen eye.

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All Frog Detective 3 Achievements

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  • Made It to Town: This achievement is easy enough to unlock, as you’ll do so just by progressing the game’s story. It’s also unlocked pretty early, and you’ll get it as soon as you arrive in town to solve the Mystery of the Missing Hats.
  • Bad Room: This is another simple one to unlock, as it is also unlocked through regular story progress. In this case, you’ll get the achievement as soon as you’re sent to the terrifying and lonely Bad Room.
  • Monkey: This is the last of the achievements that you’ll unlock automatically just by playing through the story. For this one, you’ll need get to the point where you unlock a second playable character: the Frog Detective Forum power user: Mystery Monkey.
  • Graveyard Break In: Unlike the previous achievements, you can miss this one as you progress through the story. To unlock it, you’ll need to attempt to break into the graveyard in town by jumping the fence with your scooter. You can do this by riding up the left side of the fence, then jumping while you ride back down. In our experience, we weren’t able to actually clear the fence, but trying was good enough to unlock the achievement.
  • Haunted Photo: To get this achievement, you’ll need to complete some of the townspeople’s requests in an unintuitive way. When the Pistol (the artist in the town’s saloon) asks you to find a picture to be their muse, don’t use the picture of Wendy the shopkeeper. Instead, investigate the pictures on the saloon wall after asking Bonnie (at the saloon counter) about haunted pictures. When you discover the haunted photo and it is added to your inventory, bring that to Pistol instead.
  • Kiss: There’s a very narrow window in the story where you can actually get this achievement, so be careful not to miss it. When, as Mystery Monkey, you’re tasked with investigating Frag Detective’s office, you’ll need to take advantage of some conveniently placed Clue Powder. Throwing this powder will lead to the next important clue in the mystery, but it will also reveal something else if you’re diligent. Using it on the pictures in at the end of the hallway leading into Frog Detective’s office will reveal a series of very mysterious kissy lips, unlocking this achievement in the process.

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