Gears 5: How to Beat Wardens


Gears 5 has plenty of new enemies to worry about. A stronger foe players are going to encounter during their campaign against the swarm is a large, menacing Sicon known as Wardens. These creatures wear massive, thick armor and carry with them two large maces, one for each hand. These opponents are made to rip apart any foe against the Swarm, mainly because they’re designed to protect a Swarm nest. Here’s how you take down one of these monsters.

How To Beat Warden in Gears 5

Weaken the Armor

These terrifying monsters are big and covered in armor. Unfortunately, hitting them in the body, arms or legs are not going to do too much damage against them. Instead, you’re going to need to find a way to knock that armor off or weaken it at least. There are two ways you can do this without too much trouble. The first being a frag grenade. You can throw it at the Warden’s feet and see what armor gets knocked off. You’re likely going to find that helmet goes flying, most of the time.

The other way to weaken the creature’s armor is to have a power weapon handy. Unfortunately, this is more circumstantial, given you won’t always have a power weapon nearby to pepper it full of incredibly heavy ammunition. If you do, aim for the upper body and head. You’re going to do plenty of damage. If you have a frag grenade, knock off the helmet first, and then fill it full of holes with the powerful weapon to do even more damage.

Focus Fire

You need to focus fire on this brute if you want to take it down quick enough before it starts knocking you and your teammates down one by one. Several teams are going to find themselves struggling against this creature if they continue to focus on the smaller Swarm drones in the area. While they’re annoying, the Warden is your real focus. The faster you can take it down, the less trouble you’re going to have during the fight. You may notice the drones are going to remain at a reasonable distance from you.

Keep Your Distance

It may seem obvious, but those two maces the Warden is not holding them for show. These melee weapons are going to severely damage you and your teammates if you get too close. The best option for you to keep doing is to stay far away from the Warden. Use weapons like the Lancer, Longshot, Enforcer, and Marksman Rifle to keep the distance to your advantage.

If the Warden focuses on a single target, then you might want to have another teammate go around it to light up the back of its head with a Gnasher. However, it’s a risk. While you’re going to deal an enormous amount of damage to it, you’re leaving your teammate at risk to go down if that Warden turns around.

Good luck in fighting these big guys, COG recruits. While you’re going to see the Warden in the main Campaign, you can expect to see the Warden in the Escape mode in multiplayer.