Gears 5 Pre-order Guide


Gears 5 is nearly upon us. For a select few, they’re going to get the opportunity to jump into his bloody, exciting new game earlier than some players who may have already pre-ordered the game. Are you looking for the best to version to pick out to make sure you’re in the game on day one? Here’s a break down of all the available versions of Gears 5 you can pre-order, and what perks they have with them.

Gears 5 Pre-order Guide

Standard Edition

For those who want the play the game when it releases on Sept. 10, then this is the one for you. While you won’t be playing it ahead of time, you’re still going to get the standard game. However, by pre-ordering the new title, you’re going to gain access to several bonuses available to you on day one. You can purchase this version from any of the available retailers for $59.99.

  • Digital editions and those with the Xbox Game Pass receive the Terminator Dark Fate Character pack, featuring T-800 Endoskeleton and Sarah Connor, along with the Vector Lance and a 7-days boost.
  • Those who do not order the digital version can still get the Dark Fate pack, but they need to find a distinctive logo on the packaging to receive it.
  • All versions get a 7-days boost

Additionally, those who pre-order through a specific company are going to have exclusive rewards.

  • Amazon: NCOG Marine Lancer Weapon Skin
  • Best Buy: COG Air Lance Weapon Skin, and a $10 reward certificate if they have a Best Buy members account
  • GameStop: Marcus Tattoo lancer Weapon Skin
  • Microsoft Store: Vector Lancer Weapon Skin
  • Walmart: Carmine Tattoo Lancer Weapon Skin

Anyone who pre-orders Gears 5 from the specific retailers listed above is going to receive the same bonus for any version they purchase.

Ultimate Edition

If you’re looking to get in on Gears 5 and you’re a dedicated fan, you’re going to want to throw down for this edition. You’re not only going to get access to everything already mentioned, but there’s more available for you. However, those who want to jump in on the game early need to make sure they get the digital edition. The physical version, for Ultimate and Standard, does not come with access to Gears 5 4-days ahead of schedule, which is on Sept. 6. You can purchase this version at any of the previously listed retailers for $79.99.

  • Digital Ultimate Edition:
    • Play Gears 5 4-days early on Sept. 6.
    • Terminator Dark Fate Character Pack (T-800 Endoskeleton and Sarah Connor).
    • 30-days boost
  • Physical Ultimate Edition
    • Steelbook Case for Gears 5
    • A Gears 5 sticker

Collector’s Edition

The most prominent version of them all. If you consider yourself the biggest Gears of War fan you know, then you need to make sure you get this version as soon as you can. Supplies for this version are only going to be available for a limited time, and while they last. Here’s everything you can get for the biggest edition for Gears 5 available, and what you can acquire with it. Be advised: You can only receive this one through Gamestop, and it costs $270.

  • Flyable Jack Drone with remote control
  • Ultimate Edition of Gears 5
  • Steelbook case
  • Custom Display Stance
  • Damon Baird ID Badge with a lanyard
  • Embroidered DBi Patch
  • Schematic art print of Jack
  • DBi Jack Booklet
  • An Exclusive in-game Skin for Jack

You can choose to go for the cheaper route and purchase the Gears 5 standard edition with the Collector’s Edition for $250. However, if you’re only interested in the flyable Jack Drone, you can grab that $200 at Gamestop without having to purchase the game.

Make sure to pre-order the game for Sept. 6 for anyone who wants to be playing it on the first day available. Gears 5 officially releases on Sept. 10 for all editions of the game.