Does Gears 5 Have Split Screen?


Gears 5 is going to release here shortly. A considerable component many are curious about is if they can play with a friend from a single Xbox One, or PC, to play the game’s campaign. Many view it as a vast, blockbuster-level movie while they’re playing it, so it makes sense to enjoy it with a friend.

Does Gears 5 Have Split Screen?

Those who are wondering if they grab their best friend, sit down, and play through the entire nearly 20-hour campaign of Gears 5 with a friend are going to be overjoyed. Yes, you can play through the Gears 5 campaign in split-screen mode. Not only can you play with one friend, but you can also play with a second friend through the game’s campaign mode.

Additionally, when you finish the campaign, you’re going to have the chance to run through the title’s brand new mode Escape with your free friends, and the iconic Horde mode. So you’re not done playing with your friends once the campaign is over. You’re going to have two other multiplayer modes to play with them, making your experience that much more memorable. The new Escape mode is going to have you and your plans attempting to escape a hive after planting a bomb to blow it up.

If you were hesitant to purchase Gears 5 because you didn’t know if you could play on a single Xbox or PC with your friends and family, you were wrong. Get ready to jump into the action with your friends in some traditional couch Co-Op, and bring the fight to the Swarm.