Gears 5: What’s Being Added in Operation 1 and 2?


With Gears 5 out and picking up steam, developer The Coalition has detailed its plans for rolling out post-launch content. The Coalition previously announced that new content updates would be delivered as part of Operations, and now they’ve shared more about what to expect from the first two.

Here’s what we’ll see in the next six months from Gears 5 Operations 1 and 2.

What is an Operation in Gears 5?

First things first: Operations are just a way of packaging content updates in intervals. You can think of them like seasons in other online games like Fortnite or Destiny. Each Operation will last three months and bring with it its own set of special events, characters, supply cards, maps, game modes, and skins to be earned through challenges or purchased with in-game currency.

Once an Operation ends, some of the content associated with it will no longer be available to earn, so make sure you act fast if there’s a particular reward you’ve got your eye on. Characters will never get retired, though, so you won’t miss out on getting one just because you didn’t earn it during the Operation where it was introduced.

What’s coming in Gears 5 Operation 1?

Operation 1: Launch is already underway. Starting now, new supply cards will be added to the pool each Tuesday, and a new Escape Hive will be highlighted. Working your way up the leaderboards in the featured hive and in ranked playlists will earn you rewards. The Gears 5 store will also be updated every week with new exclusive items.

Starting in October, a new special event will be added to Versus and Horde mode every week. According to The Coalition, fan-favorite One Shot One Kill will be in the mix. Later in the month, the first post-launch characters will be added, one of which will be a COG Hero, meaning it has its own unique ultimate abilities and skills.

What’s coming in Gears 5 Operation 2?

Operation 2 starts in December, and it will bring a whole swath of content right when it launches. At the start, it will introduce a bundle of new maps, Versus modes, characters, events, and more. Here’s the full list directly from The Coalition:

  • Versus Modes
  • Multiplayer Maps
  • Characters including COG Heroes
  • Tiles for Map Builder
  • New featured events
  • New weekly Escape Hives
  • New weekly Supply Drop content

From that point on, weekly content updates will continue just as they did in Operation 1. Expect more details on Gears 5 Operation 2 to emerge as it gets closer to release.

Gears 5 Operations roadmap

Between Operation content drops, The Coalition will still be releasing other updates to address technical issues and make other tweaks as needed. There will be more Operations to come, but so far, The Coalition has only revealed its plans for the first six months. More info is likely to emerge once Operation 1 wraps up in December.