Ghost Recon Breakpoint: What Are Gear Parts?


Activating certain perks and passives with your equipment is vital in Ghost Recon Breakpoint when you get into the late game. However, a particular material you’re going to find is Gear Parts, which don’t have too much function. You have multiple ways to acquire them, and some of these methods are easier than others. Here’s the best way to gather up these items, among how to get higher quality ones. For the use of these items, players get left in the dark.

What Are Gear Parts in Ghost Recon Breakpoint

What are Gear Parts? These are items you’re going to pick up during your time playing Breakpoint. You’re going to find them throughout the world when you dismantle any of your gear pieces, and you can earn some of them for mission rewards. They’re going to look like the image above, and they’re going to vary based on what type of quality they are. Here’s the order of tiered Gear Parts you can get:

  • White – Common
  • Green – Uncommon
  • Blue – Rare
  • Purple – Epic
  • Yellow – Signature (legendary)

However, what do you use them for in the game? At this time, it’s not too clear. When you hover over them in your inventory, they’re merely going to read, “Salvaged from Improved Gear,” or “Advanced Gear,” based on what your quality of the item you dismantled or what color it is. However, the weapon parts, weapon, respective salvaged weapons, and then electric components all have a set use in the game.

For those who are wondering what to do with these items, it might be best not to disturb them and keep them in your inventory. Ubisoft is likely planning to push something in the future to find a use for them. Unlike guns, you cannot take your gear pieces into the gunsmith to modify them and activate any passives or give them bonuses. This mechanic might change in a future update, or Ubisoft could remove the items entirely.