Ghost Recon Breakpoint: How To Use the Drone


Using your drone is critical in Ghost Recon Breakpoint. You’re going to find it an invaluable tool, even as a sniper who finds the highest perch in an area to take out opponents one by one. You’re going to use it to survey a base before taking it on, and this makes your job significantly easier, make sure you’re not going to run into any surprises. Here’s everything you need to know about using it.

How To Use the Drone from Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Luckily, the drone is not a set item you need to set up in your inventory like some of the grenades, bombs, and other passive abilities you can access. Every character has access to a drone. When you want to summon it, all you need to do is press “X,” or click the button tied to your controller for your respective platform, and you’re going to summon it. It’s going to switch from your point of view to the drone’s point of view.

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You can use the drone to ping respective enemies and scanner them, flying overhead. Pinging them creates a small marker above their head, and all of the information you’re reading about them is going to get sent to your allies. You can use this to assist your partners who are stealthily moving into a base and attempting to take out any guards who might get in their way.

For those who want to get a quick survey of the area safely, you can treat the drone like a pair of binoculars. Any question mark you see in the distance can get scanned by the drone. All you need to do is focus its field of vision on it for a few seconds, and then you’ll receive information about the location. You’re going to need to get there to learn more about the layout and enemies, but you’re going to get the name of the place.

You won’t be able to use the drone up to great distances. You’re going to lose connection if you let it fly too far away. You’ll need to adjust your position, or the drone’s, to stay close to you.

Unfortunately, you cannot use the drone to take out enemies or by calling allies as you did in Wildlands. Instead, you’re going to need to use a separate item all together called the Sync Shot Drone, which we detail over here. You’re going to need to spend a skill point to unlock it, too.

Make sure to optimize your drone and keep it above your enemies. If you let it linger too long or someone spots it, they’re going to take it out, and then they’re going to go on alert. Better make sure you’re not too deep behind enemy lines when they discover it or else you’re in trouble.