How to Unlock Armor and Cosmetics in Halo: Reach PC


Halo: Reach’s PC release has some changes to how you unlock customization options. Gone are credits and level-based unlocks, and instead, we have a Seasons system.

You unlock items by earning Season points to then exchange for set pieces of armor or auras. Each of the 100 tiers requires a single Season point, and purchasing one automatically grants you access to the next one.

How do you earn Season points? You gain experience by playing matches, and ranking up gives you a single season point. This process makes gaining season points fast at first, but progressively slower when you’re at a higher level.

Unlocks are preset and determined solely by rank and things with helmets being the first series of unlocks. For example, you don’t get your first piece of shoulder gear until Tier 11, but your first 10 ranks are helmets and helmet variants. For those interested in looking different than their compatriots, this is an excellent start to standing out from other players.

We can expect to see different changes with the developers, 343 industries, introducing a new series of Season for Halo: Reach during the game’s new lifetime on Halo: The Master Chief Collection. The best way to earn more armor and Season points is to play in longer Firefight matches, work together with your teammates, complete objectives, and play plenty of Halo: Reach.