Hard to Find Hidden Coins Location – Super Mario Run

In the Super Mario Run, there are different colored coin sets are available as collectibles. You need to collect all the sets of coins to go forward and unlock items in the game. There are some coins, which are really hard to find. The following guide consists the information about the pink coins that are hard to find 1-1 to 1-4 in the game.

Pink Coin Location - Super Mario Run

Hidden Pink Coins Location:

In the Super Mario Run, there are several spots that give away the location of pink coins easily. You can find first pink coin at the end of the big line of coins, second coin is found above the ledge formed by three question mark blocks, third coin is found at the top of some platforms, fourth coin is found on a ledge and fifth coin is found just before the home stretch in the first level.

You can find some of the pink coins in the Wall-Kicking It Underground level. The first coin is found at the ledge past a Piranha Plant in the starting area, second coin can be acquired by sliding down on the ledge before jumping to the opposite side of the wall, on a small ledge, third coin can be acquired by jumping off the midway point and launched on the another ledge, fourth coin is found at the bottom of the next hill and fifth coin can be acquired by jumping from the wall by avoiding two Piranha plants.

According to Time Magazine, the Super Mario Run launched by Nintendo on iOS devices gained perfect 5/5 Rating. The game also praised for including Luigi and Princess Peach from classic Mario game. Super Mario Run can be available on Android devices in 2017.

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