Has Pokémon Sleep been canceled?

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Pokémon Sleep

Image via The Pokémon Company

Pokémon Sleep was set to be a mobile game where players would keep track of how much they slept, and those numbers would go into a passive Pokémon game. The more they slept, the more activity happened in the game, potentially capturing Pokémon or adventuring. However, Pokémon Sleep was initially announced in 2019, and no further details have come out about the title. Has Pokémon Sleep been canceled?

That question is up in the air. Unfortunately, nothing has been confirmed regarding Pokémon Sleep, so we can’t give you a solid answer on the matter. However, we do have a small detail that may give us a better answer. We do know that in April 2021, an SSL certificate was registered from the game. An SSL certificate is what you need to move HTTP to HTTPS, which makes a website more secure. So it means that developers Select Button and Niantic have plans for the game but have not touched on those details yet.

For now, we’re in the dark regarding what the real details are going to be. We’ll have to wait and see if The Pokémon Company, Niantic, or Select Button come forward with any details regarding these matters. We’ll be updating this guide with any concrete details when we learn them.